It all started when I began learning about quantum physics, neuroscience, brain chemistry, biology, and genetics. This article isn’t about all that, but it is about the effects of those areas that we can all benefit from.

I always knew, even as a child, that there was a source that many of us weren’t tapping into. I had always felt that there was a power, an energy that surrounded us, taking care of us. After looking at the above sciences, I became more enlightened on the truth behind it, and on the reality and explanation of it.  

Have More Control Over Your Destiny

What I learned was that we do have more control over our destiny than I even imagined, and it was time to put that into practice. My philosophy of thinking positive had served me well, but I knew that it wasn’t enough to just think positive. We have to attach our emotions to those thoughts. There are times when we are of two minds. When we think positively but in our hearts we feel hopeless or unbelieving, doubtful or unsure, about that positive thought. We feel that it is not true or possible. We do this subconsciously, and it isn’t until we connect our emotions of joy and thankfulness for the future that our brains actually begin to function in congruence. 

Choose To Change

Choosing to change is a journey well worth travelling. My morning walks have become a walking meditation—not in gratitude for the things that are part of my life, even though I am grateful, but rather, an honest heartfelt gratitude for the things I have desired as part of my destiny.

Emotions Matter

It’s more about joy and thankfulness for the things I know that I was designed to do and the effect that it will have on others. A joy and thankfulness for always being provided for and then some, never having to allow stress over finances hinder that future. I began seeing that future as now. 


That determination has paid off. I made it through this past year jobless, yet able to pay every bill on time, to take advantage of amazing free classes, make friends from around the world, and I managed to pay for some very valuable classes for my personal and career growth. Now, coming into the season where filming would slow down and I would have to rely on employment insurance to survive the winter, instead, I have been offered a job that I love in the industry that I love—on a salaried income.

I want to encourage you to keep the faith in these simple practices of meditation and manifestation  because feeling this way is possible for you too. Find your rhythm, and if you are adventurous, look to the science of quantum physics. I recommend “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”, by Dr. Joe Dispensa. It just might encourage you to live your brightest life and change your destiny, while inspiring others to do the same along the way.