It is only within a safe space that we dare become vulnerable. We all need a safe space to open-up – to settle into ourselves and to live our truth. It is my sincere belief that life demands each of us to embrace our own emotional experiences throughout our time on Earth. By embracing our emotions, we not only acknowledge who we are, but we learn to accept ourselves. As we begin to welcome who we are, untethered, we get to observe ourselves bloom as we radiate our authentic beauty – unapologetically.

Relish in your truth.

Elevate your energy, Spirit, and expand your heart and warm it up. Probably, before doing that, you might let it break into pieces and only then, let it melt into the wholeheartedness that it was before you registered negative emotions and programmed yourself with ways of living, feeling and thinking that are not truly yours.

As a child, our brains are in theta and alpha waves. Our brains are incredibly permeable and they absorb emotional information, which then becomes our programmatic way of living subconsciously. We are a matrix of energies and genes. In order to decode the house of emotions that embodies us and get to the core of our DNA – LOVE – we have a lifetime to peel off the layers that are covering-up our essence. Our essence is that of peace, of harmony, of inner-knowing, of freedom, of open heart and open mind – a deep connection to our source. This is the beautiful journey of life.

The only way to decode the matrix of what we are feeling, is by going inwards – and never giving up on the adventure of self-discovery and reprogramming our emotions. Energy creates matter. We create our emotions and our reality. Once we own our authentic self with grace and gratitude for all that we are and all who we will become, we are powerfully empowered to lead the life we want and deserve.

Life is for loving. Loving yourself. When you love yourself, you then love everything and everyone that comes your way. You can see. You can smell. You can dance. You can touch. You can listen. You can taste. You can surrender to the torrent of energy that lies within you. You can feel your heart and hold it in the palm of your hands and nurture it forevermore – with curiosity, joy, compassion, purpose and love.

This way of living and embracing life came at a very high cost. In the darkest of my days, at age 28, no one believed I would live to see the light of day again. I, for sure, did not believe. I was suicidal. I was already dead, for all I knew. My Spirit was flat. My body was crippled on a couch or in a bed. I couldn’t shower or even brush my hair. I couldn’t leave my house due to panic attacks and a depletion of energy. I couldn’t eat. I could barely breathe. All I could do was sleep. Sleep myself into the darkest of places – hell. The hell of depression.

Depression, for me, occurred because I bottled up so much unnecessary pressure in life – self-inflicted, inherited, and socially imposed by family and societal norms and demands. I had to depressurize myself to find myself again. With that in mind, I had to stay focused on the light within me to live my life authentically. Since then, I have devoted and dedicated my energy to living my unapologetic truth as I Keep Going in life with what the day offers. I strive to radiate my light and generate belief in all women and girls who might find themselves in a bit of a challenge (no matter how big, small, simple or complex it is) in life.

My writings are a window into the moments that inspired me to nurture and care for myself. I express these treasures because I believe that once I saw hell before my eyes and had the luxury to experience peace on Earth, it was now my responsibility towards women and girls, worldwide, to share my experiences. I invite you to follow my posts and to indulge in the lessons and resolutions I have learned along my path to savoring the ups and downs of life; to surfing the waves with currents and riptides; to flying through smooth airs across countries and cultures and embracing the turbulence – trusting that I will make it, knowing that all will be well, if I just breathe and I keep flying. I wish my stories and lessons inspire you to believe enough to reach for your own star. I wish to motivate you to keep going along your journey until you are satisfied – until your heart is warm, radiating and illuminating the world within you and all around you.

If you think there is something more; if you feel in your heart and in your core that there is something more – even if you can’t give it shape, color or smell, but you can feel something in, on or around your body – then, there is something more and that is enough to believe. You are enough. I encourage you to begin believing more in yourself and to enjoy your all encompassing travels throughout life – living the life you dream. Go for your star, because you can. Go for your star, because you are your own star. You are a galaxy of stars. So, go and Keep Going!

The insights I have obtained are only available in life and not in a classroom. My writings are based on experiential living and learning. They are one of many safe spaces I share with you and for you, to explore the emotions that are holding you back from living your unapologetic truth. The energy of hope enables us to reach for our stars. Stop at nothing!