Liven Up Summer Game Night: 5 Ways

It’s summer, which means a different pace of life and new activities. We are spending more time with loved ones and need to get more creative to make the most of that time. Use these ideas to liven up family game night this summer. Take these ideas on vacation or for a family night on the back deck. 

Enjoy quality time connecting with your loved ones!

  1. Plan a fun menu.

A fun game night starts with food. Skip the frozen pizza tonight! Here are some ideas to add variety to your usual choice.

  • Have family members take turns planning and preparing the meal.
  • Let every family member make their favorite snack or appetizer to contribute.
  • Have a fun theme and plan food and drinks around that (think Luau).
  • Bust out that fondu pot you have in the basement.
  • Make a large charcuterie board and snack the night away.
  • Choose a new cuisine and try out a few new recipes.
  • Add some fun sparkling waters or fruity waters to your menu for kids.
  1. Trade out dice for an online number generator.

If you are playing a game that involves picking or spinning a number, find a simple online number generator wheel or spinner online. This will be a fun visual for kids. The bonus is that no one will be able to argue about the outcome! 

  1. Play a question game.

If you need a break from your typical board or card games, try out a game with questions to get to know one another better. Have a family member pick a number and answer the question that corresponds with that number. Numbers question games can be played with any list of questions including get-to-know-you questions, would-you-rather questions, or even trivia. 

For a fun twist, add in a dare component if there is a question someone doesn’t want to answer. They can complete a challenge or dare instead! 

  1. Add in theme music.

Make a fun playlist with popular game show music to play during family game night. Or add in sound effects when family members get answers correct or incorrect. Remember to keep this light and fun!

  1. Have prizes that lead to more family fun.

Turn winning into a win-win situation for the entire family. If you are playing games where there is a clear winner, have a prize for that winner that will benefit everyone in the family. 

Ideas include:

  • A family swimming pool pass for a day.
  • Tickets to an exhibit or museum.
  • A coupon for that person to pick the next family activity or outing.
  • A gift card for a sweet treat that the entire family can enjoy.
  • A new game for family game night.

The plus here is that there will be no sore losers because everyone benefits from the prize. 

Enjoy spending time with your loved ones this summer and continue to make family game night a fun and meaningful time spent together. 

“A family that knows how to play together has the tools to stay together.”– Warren Farrell