The problem is an integration in the new environment.

” One of the main problem of integration is, how can the subjection of the law combine with the ability, that we use our own freedom. How to make cultivation of freedom at force?” Kant 1988

The problem of how with the help of submiting to the employer make a free man/women.


The hipothesis is that at the first it takes the emotional impulses and so introduce pure sense and with that doing the positive work. Alternative hipothesis by Herbert: the violence on the child is legitimite, that mean that if in early years that happen than we can not declare the autonomous subjekt. So that mean the voilance is urgent, when man this have not in early ages than we have to use it within the mature age. 


Integration is obeying the authorite and finding your environment, love, care and understanding. The man/woman is devided between that. He or she can not find the appeasement within the authorithy and because of that he or she is becoming ideal; the authorithy is ment scientific laws, stalinistic type of politcs and. And between the humanity within ourself, that is an (non)ideal idea about the humanity based on our own personal individual existency.

We need to giving someone the love.

“People, be human, that is your responsability! Is there any wisdom except loving the humanity? love your children, love nature, love yourself.” 

Should I give someone the love? there is nothing to lose within now, and that is suffering only your time. And after giving the love try to not taking back the love in retreit. After that we share with person our personal experience and accept their powerlessnesnes.

Another problem is changing einbronment from abroad to home. The main problem is how the subject is getting the work for authoritie and still have our freedom”.

Based on saying from Rousseau that the nature of the human is to educate in metodological sense and adopt to the developement of the laws.


How to integrate? Based on Aksioms from Steiner

1.)  physical body, the grow of physical body

2.) Eteric body, that are the photos and simbols, giving examples for the example, and authorithy

3.)Astralic body: that is the developement of the ability of common sense logic


theacher like to see student within their own motivation, that you give the child when thinking out of the box, no authority. When he have the knowledge that he can freely give solutions.

4.) Spiritual self: It purify other three bodies (physical, eterical and astralic body) and than man or woman build their own inteligence.


In this story is presented the integration in the new environment. Firstly the problem is presented, and then the hypothesis. After that it is introduced some ways of integration and integration sheme. 

Based on my personal experience integration was based on learning the language and learning the rules and on watch and behave someone that give you a great example. My experience is related fully with spirituality, meditation and love from within.