Living an awakened life means to be aware as much of the time as possible that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. That we are made of loving energy and are here to love and be loved. That there really are no problems beside the ones made up by our ego minds.

Our true essence is light and love and is striving to increase our consciousness in order to stay in this place more of the time. We are here to experience and spread joy in order to increase our own awareness and that of those around us.

Our guidance and support from the Universe is constantly trying to get our attention and break through our many defense mechanisms in order to help us remember this goal that we agreed to before we came here. We are often too guarded and scared of this guidance but unaware of this. We believe we really want and will believe the intuitive messages we receive, but then usually ignore or keep ourselves too busy to hear or pay attention to this natural guidance that is everywhere all of the time.

Why are we unconsciously sabotaging ourselves and our spiritual growth? Our ego is scared. Our personality or ego is terrified that the more authentically connected we are to our soul the less we will need the fear based advice from the ego trying to keep us “safe” but really just keeping us trapped in an imaginary cage of fear.

False evidence appearing real. Fear is an illusion. It is our imagination lying to us over and over in an attempt to keep us small, distracted and disconnected from our true essence of love, expansiveness and magnificence. I believe that the majority of humans, and by extension the majority of countries, corporations and other institutions are still stuck in this illusion.

The fact that the majority of the energy around us is trapped in this low frequency makes it incredibly understandable that so many of us (even those on a spiritual path already) become confused and have a harder time remembering that that is how they feel, not us. That it is possible and necessary to have a more awakened perspective on life in order to help ourselves and humanity consciously evolve.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of mass mind thinking: “Life is hard” “The world keeps getting scarier and scarier” “They are wrong” etc…

The truth is that life is meant to be easy, fun and joyful. The world is improving and getting better and more evolved all the time. They are you, you are them, we are not wrong and everyone is doing the most they are capable of at all times, when we know better we do better.

Negative, fear based thinking can be contagious, but with conscious awareness it is really quite simple to rise above it, and live in a magical world of sparkly stardust as the being of light you really are!

As we more consistently incorporate daily practices into our lives it becomes easier to stay in a more awakened, conscious state of awareness more of the time. From this state it is much more possible to remember who we really are and not get caught up in the negative thinking and energy of the world around us. We are then able to live the life we really are meant to, and help ourselves and those around us expand into the light as we are meant to.

My encouragement to you to stay more connected to this magic is to:

Take 15 minutes every day to reconnect to your true essence:

A short walk in nature, mindfully being present and receiving love from all around you

A silent meditation, just sitting and smiling for 15 minutes to increase your vibration

Reading something inspirational, stopping your thoughts and reconnecting to truth

Visualizing white light surrounding you, warming you with love

Appreciating all that you have, writing down 10 things you are grateful for

There are many more practices to stay in the flow, I encourage you to find others that benefit you and share with me what works for you!