This thing called ease. It sounds so brilliant and easy to fall into and it is to a degree. This thing called ease is also a way of life, it is being deeply connected to that which is both within you and oh so much greater than you! It becomes a quality of being, a way of life and the very foundation of your being.

When I wrote my book, Falling Into Ease I struggled. Isn’t that typical or funny or predictable? I struggled with finding the title. Then it landed. I struggled, and I worked it and I sat with possibilities and then it landed

That is ease. It’s not that we won’t have life situations or circumstances any longer, but it is that we have new ways to walk through them.

Others talk about being enlightened or awakened; the quantum field or the Christ consciousness; being in the flow or alignment with the Universe. I call all of that Ease. It’s a simple term. An acronym for Effortless Awareness of Spirit and Excellence.

Being effortlessly aware gives you a presence and a power. Being effortlessly aware of spirit and excellence gives you freedom, a freedom that comes from acceptance rather than resistance.

Picture this. We are human beings on a spiritual journey through this thing we call life. We are given human form and infinite capacity to grow and receive; to see and to act. However, we as the beautiful perfection of humanity that we are, have taken on “stuff” or gunk as I like to call it. So here is this beautiful sphere of you that is clear and bright. As we go through life we take on the gunk and it muddies our clarity, we take on more stuff and it becomes like a link roller brush which picks up every little piece of anything that is not clear and clean.

So now we are moving through life, covered with dust and hair and gunk. This now creates a Velcro type covering, so that we cannot move without bumping into things, without pushing people’s buttons or having our buttons pushed. We are sticky and icky. Think of walking through the desert among cactus, especially those little ones that jump out onto your body and clothing. Or the burrs that you can pick up walking through a forest. They are sticky and they hurt going in and are very difficult to get out.

The idea of falling into ease is like a deep cleaning; a removal of the burrs and cactus needles; it is a removal of the Velcro layering and a thorough washing of the windows of your soul.

Can you feel the lightness already? Just in reading this? In an instant you can fall into ease and release the gunk. In an instant you can find relief from any stress you might be in. In an instant you can drop the resistance to what is and discover light once again.

That instant can change everything from that moment forward. Or you can forget and go right back into the old patterns and ways of being again. You can pick up your link brush, Velcro covering and continue to bump into more and more discomfort and discontent. It’s ok.

To take the falling into ease process to heart means ultimately the clearing and cleaning of the gunk. One step at a time, unless you get to the core, the place of origination of the pattern. For today, however, take the first step.

Fall into ease as many times as you can. Set the timer on your phone or watch for every hour. Every time the sound goes off stop right then and notice what you are feeling, doing, thinking and being. If it is less than ease, take a breath. Stand still and consciously relax your body. Consciously set down the thoughts or feelings and walk away from them, at least for a moment or two. Feel your feet on the ground and look up to the sky.

Notice that the combination of earth and sky takes you out of yourself and your life into something much bigger and more cosmic. Stay here for even 60 seconds. You can take a minute out of your busy day, I know you can! Stretch your body, breathe deeply. Nice. Notice what you notice and expand the good feelings, the peace, the quiet, the relaxed moment.

The more often you do this simple practice the quicker you will be to notice when you are not in ease and remember to take 60 seconds to find it again.

With ease comes clarity, freedom, fulfillment and authentic action. With each comes a deep conviction that everything is going to work itself out alright. It’s going to be ok. You are going to get through this. With ease comes a visceral knowing that you are love, you are loved, you are enough and you are worthy of all the best.

I’ll be standing here holding the doorway to ease open for you. Go ahead, fall right in. I invite you; I challenge you; I welcome you!

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Originally published at on December 10, 2016.