Living in Italy, by the sea, can be inspiring . I love gazing into a summer night sky. Just as I love the cool sea air on my face as the sun slowly rises over the water. I’ve lived in Italy for 30 years now. It’s been an adventure, with many obstacles and hardships to overcome along the way. At 47 years of age I have finally learned that, the true essence of being alive is hidden in moments we often overlook because our attention and focus are trapped in finding solutions to life’s problems. Too often do we allow our fears to overwhelm us. We let them take over and miss out on many smiles that could have been.

A Beautiful Moment
A shooting star crosses my path, 
On a summer night of mid July.
I let it fall into the sea’s glittering depths,
It’s path kindled by the light of a hovering moon.
The empty shore is bathed by the sound of quiet waves,  
rippling onto the cool evening sand.
A heartbeat gazes and echoes into the horizon.
She awaits the rising sun,
to touch the day,
that has just begun. 

By Christina Pacella