Carefree. How do you feel when you hear that word? Do you feel carefree? Does it give you comfort to think about being carefree, or do you feel stressed, worried or concerned?

Do you struggle to remember the last time you really felt carefree? It happens to all of us at some timeĀ and to some degree. Life is all about attachments. We form attachments to people, to things, to the memories of our experiences.

We just go through life collecting these experiences and trinkets that remind us of them. We form attachments to them. We attach ourselves to money and to time. And sometimes to people who are not good for us or things that are not good for us.

All of these attachments get in the way of living a carefree life. All of the stress and the worry get in the way of us feeling carefree. All of the drama blocks our path to feeling carefree.

Sometimes that’s the hardest way to be, especially when it feels like life is giving you so many things to worry about.

How can you be carefree when there are bills to pay?

How can you be carefree when there is work to do?

How can you be carefree when there is so much hurt in the world?

I hear you. I feel you. I know exactly what you’re going through because I have been there. Time and time again, I have been in that exact position. So, what do you do?

Let go.

You have to let go of those attachments. You have to let go of all of those things that really don’t matter. You have to let go of the hurt and the pain, the bad memories, the old stories you tell yourself, and the baggage you carry over from your childhood or your past relationships. Sometimes you need to literally let go of the junk in your house. Declutter. Clear out. Life isn’t about how much stuff you can collect.

Letting go of worry doesn’t mean you don’t care. It just means you’re choosing to focus on what YOU have the power to change.

Let go of attachment to the outcome.

Let go of the need to always please others.

Let go of the desire to control situations.

Let go of the struggle.

Fill your negative thoughts with gratitude. Replace your limiting beliefs with empowering ones.

Find some fun in every day.

Give thanks.

Remember that you are never alone. We are all connected in this great big world and you are never alone.