It was late October when we started our adventure. Our trail would take us from the lively city of Porto to the seaside town of Baiona. How lucky we were to have the chance to experience two of Europe’s most beautiful in countries in one week.  We were following the yellow arrows of the famous Camino de Santiago route. I had previous experience of activity based holidays. In Canada we went picking cherries in British Columbia and in Ireland I brought a group of friends sea foraging for shell fish every summer but I did not expect to be surrounded by so many varieties of fruit on this trip. 

We arrived in Porto late a night. Just in time to grab a bite to eat and see the Harry Potter like students marching through the city. Porto is a hill filled city full of treasures. On our first day of cycling we had some steep hills to navigate before we reached the coast. Cycling along the seaside promenade we had the best views on offer in Northern Portugal. The Wild Atlantic waves crashed onto soft, golden sand and we knew this would be a trip like no other. 

It didn’t feel like Autumn with temperatures in the early 20’s most days. A breathable t-shirt and a comfortable pair of leggings were the main items of clothing for the week. Those of us that forgot to purchase some gel seat covers regretted after the first few days. It’s a delicate part of the body so be sure to look after it. 

The most memorable part of the trip were the sights and smells. Around every corner we would stumble upon a new fruit species. I turned to Mario, a Portuguese Native, and told him that I was in heaven. Having the time to stop and taste the rare grapes, we felt that we were getting a unique taste of Portugal that the locals enjoyed. This was a special journey like no other. If you are in the region don’t hesitate to reach out to the Flying Pickers ( who will look after you with their local knowledge and guide you to the best produce of the region. 

Late Summer and Autumn are the prefect times of the year to get back to nature. Give yourself time out from the screens. Discover beauty and growth in natural surroundings. Now is the time you can choose to be wild and break free from capitalism for at least a short time each year.