Whenever we want to, we can tune into and access the transformative power of the cosmic consciousness inside all of us, a conscious awareness with unlimited capacity for change and evolution.

We can find an intuitive realization of the presence of this spatial conscious awareness, whenever we inwardly focus our attention.

Doing this helps us make the shift from separation to wholeness, and we can gently introduce small changes into our daily routine to realize this for ourselves.

~ Firstly, we can occasionally focus our attention inwardly, whenever we have a spare moment.

~ We can find the thought-free, inner spatial awareness that’s consciousness itself, the quiet presence of conscious awareness, prior to all thinking.

~ We can tune into this conscious inner space, and realize intuitively that it extends through the boundary of our body and into the space around us.

~ We can realize ourselves as unique human expressions of one unlimited cosmic consciousness, rather than seeing ourselves as separate and alone.

We’re not our thoughts, we’re the stillness and silence of now, the presence of one conscious space in all of us.

Whenever we reach inward with our attention, we can realize this conscious space and access a stream of intuitive insights, helping us live in sync with the synchronistic intelligence that orchestrates the Universe.

We can also intuitively realize the one cosmic awareness that knows all life everywhere as an expression of itself.

Consciousness in all of us is a single experiencing space.

Finding an intuitive realization of this cosmic consciousness helps us know the silence and stillness that always exists within us.

The shift from separation to wholeness is a choice each one of us makes.

Do we stay exclusively with our ego-oriented everyday awareness which emphasises separation, or do we inwardly focus our attention whenever we have a spare moment, soften the thought boundaries around our separate sense of self, dissolve our ego slightly and become more trusting of our intuition?

We’re cosmic beings, expressions of an intelligence existing in all space in the Universe and we can access the transformative power of this consciousness field whenever we choose.

On planet Earth, each one of us is an unlimited cosmic intelligence taking on human form for the duration of a human life.


Paul Mulliner is a writer and digital artist.

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