You know that feeling when you feel totally alive, you are wholeheartedly trusting that a higher power has your back and you know without a shadow of a doubt that everything is working out for you.  You are watched over, protected and cared for.  You are crazy confident, you are sure, you know, you feel ease, energy, fun, full, wholeness, excited, eager and inspired.  You are on top of the world, your soul is on fire!  You have a twinkle in your eye and you’re grinning from ear to ear because you just feel so happy and sure about everything.  You have asked for what you want and desire and now you don’t need to figure out how or where or when you’ll get it, you just relax knowing that everything will flow to you, and is already flowing to you.  You think back to times when you didn’t know what you know now, and when your future was partly a mystery, but you trusted the journey and it got you to where you are today.  You realize that even though you don’t see all the details of your future right this minute, it will unfold in the same way that it has in the past, and be an even better version of what you had imagined.  You know that whatever shows up in the future will continuously be a bigger and grander version than you previously experienced.  You wonder why you can’t bottle this feeling, and know that if you could, you would be a billionaire because isn’t this the feeling everyone wants?  This feeling, my friends, is the feeling that comes from total alignment with your true self and source, from living in the “flow”.  In this state, you are completely authentic and living in harmonious balance in every area of your life.  

But how do you create this state of flow and how do you hold onto it?  How do you remain in a constant state of flow, especially when what you are seeing or experiencing in your life, is not what you have asked for?  You have to remember that everything in the universe, including all the conditions related to your life, are constantly moving and changing.  Things are constantly happening behind the scenes, forces are working whether you see them or not.  When we have a desire and we ask the universe for something, we have to believe that we are always heard and that universal forces have immediately gone to work to deliver us what we have asked for, or even something better.  It is when we doubt this to be true, that we move out of the state of flow.  When we doubt, we have focused our attention and our energy on fear, worry, and lack.  We have focused our attention on that which we do not want – and we have created a split in our energy.  In this case, part of your energy is on what you want and part of it is focused on what you don’t want.  You can understand how this may slow down the process of getting what you want.  How can you possibly hope to get something if you don’t believe you will?  Just think about it, do you think that athletes would win the Olympics if instead of believing they would win, they thought they may fail?  Do you think that electricity and the light bulb would have been invented if there wasn’t a strong belief and trust in succeeding and in the unknown?  And, what about the most successful and influential people in the world, do you think they got to where they are, by focusing on doubt and fear?  Absolutely not.  The ability to harness your energy and attention on what you want is crucial.  You must train your mind to focus on what you want and to trust that it will show up.  Trust that which you cannot yet see.  Even better, KNOW that what you desire will be delivered to you.  The better you get at this, the quicker your world will change, and the quicker you will receive the things you desire.

This means that you must constantly guard your thoughts, your words, and actions.  All of these components contain powerful energy and can either move you swiftly in the right direction or swiftly in the wrong direction.  This does not mean that perfection is required, we are human beings and we learn valuable lessons from imperfection, but it does mean that we need to remain fully aware and quickly get back on track when we have fallen off.  The longer we remain off-track the faster the momentum will carry us in the wrong direction and away from what we want.  If we truly want to live in a state of flow, we will be diligent about guarding our thoughts, words, and actions, and therefore the focus of our energy.   

The beautiful thing about learning to live in the flow is that all areas of your life will reflect this state of being.  Many think that the right conditions or things will provide happiness and fulfillment. And, great conditions are wonderful, but we cannot control conditions outside of ourselves.  Possessions and beautiful things are nice, but they do not provide your state of happiness or flow, YOU do.  Everything in your life is created and flows from the energy you radiate.  Not the other way around.  The more you radiate energy from this state of flow, the more abundance you will create, including beautiful things and wonderful experiences.  

Wonderful experiences, beautiful things, success in our own terms, love, health, and happiness, meaning and fulfillment is what we are all meant to have.  Choosing the life you wish to create is maybe one of the greatest gifts imaginable.  Your entire life is made up of choices and you are the creator.  You can continually reinvent and evolve your life in any way you choose.  You are capable of being, doing and having anything you desire.  Once you understand this, the fun really begins.  

Health and Well-being is the natural result of living in the flow.  It can bring you to a place of being receptive and connecting to it, this is especially true of practices like meditation and yoga.  The soul lives within the body, and the soul is always in a state of flow.  It is what calls to us and reminds us of who we really are and what we are capable of.  It is that inner voice we hear or that physical feeling we sense.  Realizing this is what creates the desire to live in a body that reflects this higher aspect of ourselves.  And, living in a strong, healthy, body is what makes it possible for us to move through the world with the energy we need to do all the things we wish to do.  It creates good feelings, inspiration, and motivation.  Feeling strong and confident in our own body, helps us show up in the world as our best self. 

Love & Friendships are what adds tremendous beauty and meaning to our experience here on earth.  Love is always flowing to us and within us.  Love is everywhere and will always exist.  It moves us to cross oceans, climb mountains and take enormous risks.  Love provides the opportunity to experience depths of emotion that transcend time and space.  It is intoxicating and magical.  It is a precious gift.  To love and be loved, is to experience the strongest most powerful force of all.  Even friendships have the element of love.  Friendships are a beautiful way in which we connect and share human experiences, making them even more fun and meaningful.  Some say that we have twin-souls, and I believe this to be true of both friendships and romantic love.  When you meet a twin soul, you feel as if you have met before and you have an instant connection and chemistry.  You feel incredibly blessed that this person has entered your life and you cherish them and your time together. 

Fun & Experiences we came here to experience joy, happiness, and fulfillment. We are the creators of our world and we are here to realize all that we can do, be, and become.  If money was not a factor, what would you do, where would you go, how would you spend your days, who would you spend time with, where would you live, would you have a romantic partner, would you have children, would you learn something new like dancing or how to fly an airplane?  Think about what lights you up and creates fire in your soul.  Think of the happiest times in your life – how can you create those feelings again and create them on a daily basis.  Be as detailed as possible, but don’t worry about how or where or when these desires show up.  Meditate on what you want, see them in your mind, feel the feelings of joy you would feel as you experience them, and then thank the universe for bringing them to you.  You could also write a detailed list or create a vision board, and hang it on your wall.  Being able to see your dreams and desires every day, will keep it fresh in your mind and set your focus and attention on it.  Be prepared to experience magic. 

Learning and Personal Development without a shadow of a doubt, we are learning and developing every single day.  Sometimes the things we take for granted or don’t find relevant at first, turn out to be groundbreaking.  I feel blessed to spend time in the company of people who are willing and open to exploring new methods of learning and personal development.  Conversations with these people are so inspiring and meaningful, they bring new light to the experience of all involved.  Powerful things happen when curious, conscious minds come together.  There is a hunger to learn more, go deeper and experience the grand possibilities of the unknown.  I believe that we attract the experiences and education that we need in order to evolve.  Have you ever noticed how you are drawn to a person, a book, place, or an event, and there is no evident reason? This is our subconscious or our soul’s way of providing us access to what we need.  I have witnessed countless extraordinary experiences by listening to my heart and letting it guide me.  There are millions of ways we can learn, grow and evolve, and advice is constantly thrown at us.  It is our responsibility to accept what resonates with us and discard what doesn’t.  Your best compass is your own feelings, intuition, and wisdom.  You are here to create your life on your terms, not the life someone else would have you live.  Seek out what your heart craves – and know that you will find it.   

Mission & Contribution you have contributed to the world, just by your presence here on this planet.  You were born with gifts, talents, and wisdom, which you will use to find a way to contribute to the world.  Finding your mission or calling is something that will bring great meaning to your life.  It was something I was seeking for years and something that many people find very difficult to pinpoint.  Do not let this discourage you, when the time is right you will know. When you discover it, you will know instantly that it is what you have been searching for.  I find it helpful to apply the same method in regards to fulfilling my mission or calling, that I would with anything else.  Know what you want, and know what you want to accomplish, but don’t be too rigid about the details.  Let go to the degree that you allow for any possibility.  Sometimes the way we see it happening in our mind, is not the path that will be revealed.  Many times we cannot even imagine the ways in which we could accomplish what we desire.  We do not need to know when, how or where it will happen, all we need to hold on to is our strong desire to see it manifest.  When we live from this place, our actions will be inspired and connect us to the right people, places, and circumstances.  Remain open to any and all possibilities, trusting that the right path will open with ease.  

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