Staying present has always been a relevant topic but with the recent pandemic , our feelings may be accentuated. There may have been a period during the pandemic where we grieved the lives we lost and as the world re-opens there is an almost anxiety to going back.

An important premise I’d like to begin with which I heard from Esther Hicks is that as humans we will always want more, it is part of human nature to want to expand. As we reach one dream, the next one appears. If, we were to wait to be happy for each dream to materialize, we would never be happy, for we are always in between dreams. We need to enjoy the process of becoming for we are truly always becoming. The beauty is in the becoming and what fun it can be to watch our dream unfold, to watch what we put out into the universe come into fruition as we evolve.

Another part that stood out to me was ” In order to be happy, be happy.” We can’t simply postpone our happiness, saying I’ll be happy tomorrow, we need to practice it today because today was a tomorrow we spoke about yesterday. Our feelings are dictated by our thoughts. Therefore, in order to be happy, we simply have to change the thought we are thinking. If you find yourself feeling unhappy, check in with your thought and recognize how it isn’t serving you and choose another one. These can be small things, like if a cup of tea brings you joy, reach for it, change your feeling.

In Brooke Castillo’s podcast, she speaks about exchanging this moment for a future moment. That really stuck. We are exchanging this present moment for a future moment with no guarantee that it will be better than today. This moment will never come back and we are exchanging it for a day we have no promises of. Why? Choose to be here, it’s here.

A powerful practice I’ve found is speaking about the present moment from a future moment. Putting on some music, getting into the flow and speaking about today like it was yesterday and accentuating everything, using emotive language, detailing the visuals, the sounds, the feelings. You can do this at the beginning of your day- write about the day like it’s already happened and watch as your day unfolds, you become a lot more aware of the things you see, feel, touch. Life is beautiful, recognize it. Know that everyday you are writing your story. Be here for it.


  • Saara Ali


    Saara is a lawyer and writer based out of Dubai. She started writing in 2011 where she was moved to share the amazing work the foundation she was working at in Tanzania was doing. Her work has evolved and reveals her love for human connection, potential and the power of the written and spoken word. While fascinated by new cultures and languages, she is especially intrigued by the common thread that runs through us and the universal truths that bind us all.