You have separated your life as work and relieving activities (including family, entertainments, holidays, religious-spiritual activities). You want to settle in relief. This is the cause of all complications.

Any fear, uncertainty, irritation we experience – religious-spiritual or other such ideas are ready to console you. Fusion does not take place.

Life has evolved as more and more multi connected process. As you are not directly producing the goods and services you are using. We are using almost all the goods and services produced by others. You are connected to the whole world (liked or disliked). You and the world is a singular process.

Everything is bound by the resistance of it. A building is standing because it is resisting its fall on the ground. A vehicle is moving as it is moving through tractive resistances. Electric current becomes usable because of resistances applied. Our brain operates because of continuous resistance of ‘pain and uncertainty’ it faces. The illusion sees as if the resistance can be or has been undone-hence dullness, decay.

You do not question resistance (pain and uncertainty), you face in daily life. You remain busy in ending, removing, escaping, resolving this resistance through securities, ideas (including religious-spiritual).

Why you have to face the resistance?

Not the answer but simply being with the resistance ‘as it is’- is the key.

If there is no resistance, there is no life. Once you see this, totality takes over.

You can run away from any situation but you can not run away from the uneasiness, discomfort any situation is creating within you. Your whole energy is concentrated here. Any action is now relaxed, conscious.

Apart from immediate physical danger, all pain and uncertainty-loss, defame, relationship problems- are psychological discomforts to you.

You have to bear the discomfort without any explanation to see the Truth.

Otherwise you are satisfied by lullabies, religious-spiritual or others as if you will come to some relieved ground.