Louis Albanese

In today’s fast-paced world it can be easy to neglect our well-being and fail to prioritize our mental health. Here we find out about Louis Albanese’s core values and passions away from the work environment.

Being grateful

Family, freedom and quality of life are Louis’ top three core values.

Amid the pressures in today’s fast-paced business world, keeping your mind and well-being intact is a crucial tool.

Louis never fails to set aside space in his treasured free time for his passions. Well-being should be everybody’s priority and yet we forget every single day.

The successful businessman’s passions are spending quality time with his girlfriend and family, along with traveling and carrying out exercise.

And he never forgets about the importance of living in the present and being grateful. The inspirational figure considers everyday to be the happiest day of his life.

Of course, some moments are more special than others, but he likes to remain grounded and be thankful that he and his family are happy and healthy.

Morning routine

Behind every successful businessman is a strong and disciplined routine filled with core habits.

Louis’ morning routine starts at around 5am. He begins by getting his mind right and reading the news and looking at the market, as well as the accounts of clients.

By 7am he gets on the peloton or makes his way to the gym for a quick workout to get his body right. After that, he is back in the office and at the computer ready to take on the day and help to transform people’s lives.

With his success and experience, Louis without a doubt has an abundance of advice for young entrepreneurs or anyone looking to do what the company does.

He urges them to start investing now, start pushing their limits, start taking risks and start keeping their mind open to the possibilities.

Ambitious goals

But despite his success to date, Louis is not letting up in his efforts and remains as motivated as ever.

In 10 years, he sees himself managing more than 5,000 traders and 1,000 e-commerce stores.

The goal of the business is to be the largest management company in the world. As for his personal life, he sees himself starting a family and being able to take care of his loved ones.

Amazon Freedom builds seamless seven-figure Amazon stores for each of its clients, while handling all of the tedious day-to-day work.

The company truly understand that time is one of the most valuable commodities, so with the company’s help and expertise, the company’s clients are able to have steady passive income streams that are equivalent to an additional salary, if not more.

But Invest In Your Freedom is far more than just a business – it is a sense of community and family where the team strives to help people gain knowledge, income and networking.

Louis’ personal background started in pre-med because he wanted to help people but he knew he was always an entrepreneur at heart.

Now he helps people financially so they can enjoy the better things in life and he has not looked back since.

Crucial lessons

Along the way during his journey to date, Louis has learned many valuable lessons.

The most valuable was when he learned to always be open minded – and to never cage an idea and be so fixed on it that you don’t let it grow into something even bigger and more prosperous.

The business was launched in 2020 and its goal is crystal clear – to help others and create freedom.

But Louis’ biggest success is not about the growth of the business or its finances. It is and always will be creating freedom for others.

From the ‘thank you’ messages and the happiness that he sees clients achieving, there is nothing that can parallel that feeling for him.

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