Having skills to complete whatever task is ahead of you is essential in building success. Sounds kind of trite on the surface, however when we unpack this statement, we are left with some real depth to look at. So many people are talking about 2020 and new decade, new year, fresh perspectives.

Let’s take a look at what the skill of wisdom is all about. Have you ever heard the phrase “wisdom is knowledge applied?” Wisdom demands some form of knowledge and understanding to become fully developed. Wisdom doesn’t just mean applying knowledge. Wisdom also comes from differing places and circumstances. Sometimes it is from education, sometimes through experiences, and other times through who or what we are engaged with. There are four areas of developing wisdom for living skillfully that I will unpack in this series.

The Skill Of Resource

Resources come from a variety of means. Resources are gained through people, places, and things. Education provides one method of resource. Learning through books, diving into history, or studying concepts help us grow in knowledge so we are able to make informed decisions. The myriad of events we experience every day also leave us with knowledge and understanding of how life flows. Lastly, the people we engage into relationships with provide understanding of the ways people react or respond to other people or situations.

The Skill Of Communication

That understanding moves us directly into a process of communication. Exchanges between people clarify our understanding, both is positive and negative ways, however, when we look at those interactions as opportunities to learn, the negative times create a learning environment (at least internally) where knowledge can grow. That growth produces the ability to speak with clarity and confidence. The greater our confidence, the easier it is to speak our minds and deliver our message.

The Skill Of Connection

When communication happens, connection occurs. Connection draws us closer to other people. We begin to drop our walls and see others for who they are as we allow them to see us for who we are. This exchange allows for knowledge and understanding to grow. Can you see a lot of growth in here? Growing in knowledge and understanding is what gives us the wisdom we need for life. If we peel back the layers of life what accumulates is the desire to travel life with someone.

The Skill Of Relationship

This desire is defined through the development of relationships. All kinds of relationships. Our relationship to other people or other things now becomes opportunities for greater awareness. Without developing wisdom, we will eventually end up doing self-sabotage and not growing. One of the greatest events we can engage with is to enter into a relationship with someone or something. This requires a great deal of wisdom to know who and what to associate with.

Wisdom becomes the bridge between living and living skillfully. Relationships require connection. Connection requires communication, and communication requires the resource of knowledge. As we grow in wisdom, we make better choices. As we grow in wisdom, we create a filtering system within our minds that make our journey worth it. Our journey becomes our legacy. What legacy are you skillfully creating?