1.What would you consider your main occupation?

Living Life to it’s fullest. Each day is like Christmas, I unwrap each day with the fervor and anticipation of a child eagerly racing towards the unknown delights that await.

I’ve always considered myself a Kaleidoscope. Inside I am encapsulated by light, radiance, motion and a myriad of possibilities. My soul, heart, passion and visions live inside me, how they are expressed are much like the turn of the wheel, each a new picture and a new perspective, each shaped with their own colors and brilliance and artistic flow.

To some I am an actress touching hearts and sharing stories for all time, to others the dancer, physical master, martial arts champion and world class athlete. I have an unlimited body that has stretched the imagination in possibilities and in performance. A body that defies the mind and can do the unthinking and unimaginable. That same body feels the sun on my face, swims with the dolphins, races sailboats, rides my favorite horse and hugs my family and friends. It’s not about the medals or the awards, it’s about unbridled passion and the joy of living. To many I am a writer, a writer’s writer that never stops writing what I see. It is my way to express myself and to share my feelings, thoughts, passions and inspirations with the world. Now I am a Producer, creating the canvas for truly remarkable, and powerfully impactful shows. When I look at my life, the very best part is the people, those that I love and those that have touched my life, those that have moved me, and those who have inspired me by thru the years. I now have a playground and a forum to bring their incredible talent to the world. Each artist, a sparkling gem, gleaming with brilliance, each note, each word, each story brought to life. Every day I am elated by their brilliance, and genius. I feel blessed at every turn. It’s magic in the making.

I find it incredibly fulfilling to plant seeds, watering them often with love, support and care and undeniable belief in their blossoming. I have the rare opportunity and front row seat to watch our shows flourish and bloom. What a surge and a joy to one’s spirit, when we help other’s dreams come true.

My Secret Life and Bat Code is my heart, my humanitarian efforts and the foundations and organizations I champion. You can’t see the world and not step out to make a difference. Every night I quiet my mind and I open my heart wider than before. Each new day I have a new opportunity to love, share, cherish and to grow, Each day a window, a doorway and light.

You ask; My Main Occupation… That’s a great question, I am mainly occupied by life, love, hope, joy and magic.

2. What is your favorite part of your work?

My favorite part of my work is my imagination, I can unleash it and let it run wild. Unbridled passion, pleasure, laugher and joy. I get to cry for all the right reasons, things that touch me, move me, excite me or teach me something I have never learned before. I can share my heart safely and the gift or gifts that God has given to me I can share with the world. I can meet new people, experience new experiences, be mesmerized by talent and enraptured in stories and fairytales. I can travel the world, portray princesses, queens, mermaids, creatures from beyond and I’m still me in my heart, fighting dragons, baking pies, loving children, playing with pets, weaving baskets, even the dark side as a serial killer or a dark haunted soul, I portray with ease and a conduit of the universe, allowing that character and emotion to flow thru me. Shakespeare called them Players, we call our films, and movies Screen Plays, and in theater we call our work Plays. This Industry is fun, we are playing all the time, we are imagining our life and we step into that story with 100 percent of our soul.

3. What motivates you, day by day?

Wow! What motivates me? I live on the people mover just like the ones at the airport. Other people walk, run, rush or slowly carry their baggage in life, and I glide on by. I am motivated by joy, laughter, happiness, freedom, creativity and sharing my gifts and talents with the world. I am motivated to help others. I am motivated to inspire others and to always give a helping hand. I am motivated by dreamers and believers, visionaries, and out of the box thinkers who create new roads, pathways, pyridines and ideas for life and living. I am motivated by the unknown, the lost truths, the keys, the secrets and the beauty of the world. I am motivated to teach, to help, see, and to inspire. I am motivated to travel and to bridge the gaps between us all. I am motivated to heal and to touch hearts, to love and share how to be unlimited in a physical form. I am motivated to write, and to perform and to share the stories, all stories today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

4. When did you first decide you wanted to go into this line of work?

A decision was never made. This was a calling, not a choice. From my first memory I wanted to perform, I don’t ever remember not wanting that, not feeling that, it is part of me, the same as my heart, or my liver, or my hands, or my eyes, together we are whole. Acting, performing, teaching, helping, sharing stories, feeling invincible in my body was always natural. The odd part was everyone else. I couldn’t imagine that there were others who did not feel like they could fly thru the air, or that they wanted to be on the stage, or that there could ever be people who would not stop to help someone that needed anything at all. My life, my drive, my path was always natural, like walking and breathing. The hard part was not “my life” but to understand why others had made other choices. It was this I had to grow into. This, I had to decide to understand and to learn about. My career, my life, my passion, my joy, my bliss, my euphoria was always there. I always said I could sleep on the stage, just give me a pillow and a blanket and that I’d be completely happy. I love it there. I’m at home performing. I’m at home sharing my words, or my soul, or my vulnerability, or the transparency of my emotions, or my heart. People would beret me, saying; you wouldn’t want to do this “Everyday” You’d want time off, or a vacation, or a day to rest. No, that’s not true. If I could do this every day, I’d be happy. I’d probably be the happiest person on earth. I love this business. I love the art of entertainment. I love helping people and I love humanity. I love elevating spirits whether it’s thru my humanitarian work, thru my words, or thru my ability to step outside myself to portray others and to let them in, it’s all the same. Giving my gifts. Whatever is inside me, I give, and the world, has given back a thousand — fold. That’s why I am here with you today.

5. What are some of the obstacles you’ve had to overcome while chasing your dreams?

Obstacles…I have a list from my nose to my toes. Growing up as a contortionist, no one would ever play Twister, with me. When I came in, kids would quickly box up the game and put it at the top of their closet, and I, would cry. You might think that’s silly, but it’s not. Other people not playing with me was, an obstacle. Winning was an obstacle as it brought in other’s jealousy and wanting to help others before you help yourself is not a popular belief in many forums and societies. Being diverse in talent instead of one singular thing has been an obstacle when people simply don’t know where to put you in their world or, in their mind.

Faith, Trust, Care, Compassion living on the edge of my heart, teetering on the abyss, are all, as tricky as when I’m flying on the high wire trapeze. Not having the resources to help and to heal the world

Rules!!!! Yes, rules are a major obstacle in my life. I have never quite understood the game of rules. The word “No” and I are not friends, so “No” has been an obstacle, and being too young, or too old, or too starry eyed, or too sensitive or too vulnerable have at times been obstacles.

I learned to remove them years ago. I decided to turn every barrier, every hurdle, and every wall into a gate. Here I just pause for a moment and assess my path ahead. I can always walk thru a gate, even if the hinges are rusted, I can go thru. This has removed the idea and even concept of obstacles from my life. I also adopted the phrase “Thank you for noticing” this removes all defense and obstacles by acknowledging what is being said and witnessed. Now when someone says; You’re too sensitive. I say; Thank you for noticing. My sensitivity is my “greatest gift” and it allows me to do what I do in the world, Thank you, for noticing. Obstacle removed! I’m sure life will be life, and send things my way, I simply erase them, I remove them, I walk thru them just like my gates, and I notice everything. I am still looking for people to play Twister with so if anyone still has a game…..

6. Any events in your life that particularly impacted your vision with your career?

Yes…Many a plethora of events. This question is like opening Pandora’s Box in my mind. The biggest I guess was working at Resorts International Casino when I was only 14. I danced and opened the Headlining Stars. The state came down on the Casino for child endangerment and we all went to court. I couldn’t understand the problem, in my young mind, I knew I just wanted to dance and to perform. I was not in the Casino I was onstage performing. That court case sparked a golden eye on rules and entertainment. The case was “Won”, and you can now see minors on casino stages such as Cirque de Soleil. I’m sure one of my all-time favorites was working with Gary Marshall on “The Flamingo Kid,” he was so kind to me and so inspiring. Of course, portraying Boz Scagg’s “Heart” in his famed “Heart of Mine” video. I had so much fun, hanging from the sky. Raymond Del Barrio’s mesmerizing choreography when I played Chava with Theodore Bikel in “Fiddler on the Roof” has forever changed my life. Raymond taught me to tell a story with my body and thru my body to touch the audience in a way they would never forget, and in a way that was so special, real and profound. I can still see myself watching him, bring this character the energy of a young, yearning and petulant girl. I remember the moment when he passed the energetic Chava baton to me, as I stepped on stage and brought Chava to life. It is a still moment etched in my body, and I carry that moment always as I step on stage. Yvonne DeCarlo’s brilliance when we were in Can-Can together taught me character work and flawless timing in comedy and movement. Recently working with Michel Pascal, Deepak Chopra and Gabriella Wright has changed my life forever. Our shows “Mental Prison” and “The Offering” are so profound, and groundbreaking. These are stories that will change the world. Working on the new Sit Com “Temporary Insanity” which sheds light on Mental Health in a humorous and outrageously unique way. We filmed on a dairy farm amongst 6000 cows and that can change anyone’s day when filming. “Life Journeys” have certainly etched who I am. As many of you know I was hit by a drunk driver who blew thru the center of my car in 2001. My car immediately “exploded” and disintegrated into flames. I am here, a walking miracle by every standard, and I have built a bridge to help others live fearlessly, heal, recover and reset their bodies to wellness, health and perfection. That certainly changed the story of my life and my fearlessness in my world. I live each day full on and with as much passion and joy that I can. I know I am here for a reason, to share all that I can with you. Difficult journeys shape our lives, I have been to third world countries where I learned the condition of the human spirit and heart, I have seen things I cannot un-see and witnessed things I can never erase. All of this is fuel to tell the stories of the world. People have changed my life, mentors and teachers like Harry Mastrogeorge who has mined for girl inside, the deep human part of me, and has opened the door to the stories of the world. Toni and Gene Bua who taught me “Anything Can Happen”, Sam Christensen who brought my Wonder to the playground, Heather Graham (author) who has taught me the brilliance in writing, Ron Fletcher and Charles Kelley and all those friends and family who have stood by me for years. Being crowned “Little Miss New Jersey” on my 9th birthday was a coop for my hometown of Atlantic City. That accolade sparked years of competitions, titles, and wins which gave me the confidence to talk to people about my visions and to openly share my talent. Big changes, major changes, mega influencers include, being Knighted and being Inducted into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame and into The Martial Arts Hall of Fame. I guess the biggest influencers of my career and of my life have been Olga Korbut, Audrey Hepburn and all those who stood before me bravely pursuing their dreams.

7. What would you recommend to young people that are potentially interested in following your same career path?

I remember someone once asked Garry Marshall for advice, he said; No one ever died from embarrassment, take a chance, take a risk, pursue your dreams. I loved that. I would say; Follow your passion, follow your heart, don’t second guess yourself, follow your inner guidance system and trust who you are. Don’t be what you think other’s want you to be. There is only one you, let it shine. My dad used to quote a line from Gypsy; Sing out Louise. Sing your song, play your music, write your stories, share your talent and your gifts. There is someone waiting to be touched by your magic. Put yourself out there, and believe, and know that what you have to say and, what you have, to give is important. Don’t wait for someone to make you a success. Don’t wait for validation, or for others to cheer you on. Find your tribe, people who magnetically click with your work and talent. Create your own projects and visions, be innovative, do something that’s never been done, or do what is classic in your own inimitable way. Get trained, I have been blessed with some of the greatest teachers in the world. Seek them out, research, be mentored, learn, never stop learning, trust in yourself, trust in your talent, be smart, be savvy, be original and marinate and absorb all you can about life and the world. You can only share what’s inside. Fill your cup. Fill your you with genius and brilliance and life experience and a well of emotions and desires, laugh, have fun, play and enjoy every moment. Be nice to people, see people, listen, care, share and live each day with the richness as if it was being put on film, each frame its own beautiful moment and you indeed, will be a success.

8. How do you personally find well-being in your life?

Healthy Living. Joyful Living. An Unlimited Life. Yes, to everything. I find gratitude is the greatest secret of happiness. Gratitude flourishes our lives and gives us the energy, and the strength to be invincible. It is the Super-Power of the Universe. I’d say become friends with your body. Talk to it, trust it, spend time with it, show it you care and nurture it with love. My body and I are great friends. We love hanging out together. We always have an amazing time. I hold full on conversations with my body. Where would you like to go today, what would you like to do? I ask it specific question on its desires, craving and stability. Was that salt you wanted or a margarita? If it’s a margarita are you feeling festive or having a bad day? Why a margarita, etc. We talk, I listen and together we make wise life choices. I exercise my body. Not in an arduous way, we have fun, ride horses, dance, sail, fly on the trapeze or hang from the silks in the sky, we do acrobatics and cartwheel like a kid, we ride bikes and skate and ski and make love. My body gets to live and to enjoy the life experience. It hikes and walks on beaches and it explores caves and ancient sites. My body touches and reaches and holds and caresses. It swims with the dolphins and plays with the puppies in the park. I see colors and indulge in the sunshine. I dance in the rain and relish the warmth of a fire. Well-being is laughter and joy, risk and adventure, faith and community and inner peace and quiet moments. I find well being by awareness, and kindness, care and intuition. Every moment in life is a well-being moment. I step into my life with the zest and zeal of a child at the top of a water slide, ready to let go and to plunge into the pool of life. Well-being is the splash and the glee, and the excitement of the arrival of the moment, and then in the next breath we say; “Let me do it again” and we climb back up to the top of the slide grinning ear to ear. That’s my life. Happy, Healthy, Fun and full of so much Adventure. Well… I guess that is my state of being on earth.


Dame Nicole Brandon — Actress — Humanitarian — Author — Producer — World Class Athlete

Nicole is one of the most sought after, Speakers Worldwide.

Nicole is a member of the prestigious “Transformational Leadership Council” and a chosen carrier of the “World Peace Flame.” Known throughout the world as an “Ambassador of Kindness” Nicole holds prestigious positions on World Peace Councils across the globe.

Dame Nicole Brandon was Knighted for her humanitarian service throughout the world.

Nicole is a selected carrier of the World Peace Flame. Her Global Outreach and Humanitarian work has launched her on stages and forums around the globe, including the White House, The United Nations, Global Governmental Forums, Constitution Committees and Embassy’s throughout the World.

Nicole was a Key-Note Speaker at “The Olympics” sharing her mastery of Sportsmanship and The Unlimited Potential of the Human Body and she was an instrumental speaker at “The World Cup”

Nicole has captivated the stages in 26 countries and for Fortune 500 companies across the world, mesmerizing crowds from 500 to over 5,000 people. The audiences are completely enraptured as she illuminates the stages with her own brand of humor and her sheer delight and passion for living.

Nicole was honored in Mexico as one of the “Top 100 Most Influential People in the World”

In Los Angeles Nicole has been recognized as an “Angel” in the “City of Angels” and The California State Senate honored Nicole with an environmental award “For Making California a Better Place to Live.

Nicole shares her knowledge, gifts and talents across the globe. Her acting, producing, books, videos, shows, hosting and live appearances keep her busy and ever excited to meet new people and to bring new projects and new and riveting material to the world. Nicole is a popular Radio Hosts Internationally known for her candid conversations ranging from, The People, Places, Resources and Events that are Changing our Planet, to Bridal Talk Radio, Parenting, Unlimited Living and Ready to Look Younger (The Secrets and Keys to Health, Youth, Happiness, Passion, Pleasure and Anti-Aging Today) Nicole owns and operates Nicole Brandon Worldwide, The Hotel Workout, Unlimited Living, A.I.M for Excellence and “Artistry in Motion” which is, of course, the way she lives.

Nicole is a stage, screen and television actress. Starting her career at the tender age of 8 her face has been seen on every media. Nicole’s physical attributes are renowned, her dance, acrobatics, aerial work and contortion skills have garnered her with National and International Titles, that are revered in the physical world.

Nicole has never lost a competition, (can you imagine that) but when you ask her about it, she simply smiles; I love what I do!!!! I was given a gift. I just try to share it and to make people happy, and happy they are.

Looking back to her childhood, I realize that Nicole was “Little Miss Everything” National and World Trophies filled her house. Meeting her it’s ironic, you simply meet the smile and the heart.

In 2014 Nicole was inducted into the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and in 2015 she was inducted into the Elite Black Belt Hall of Fame. In 2005 she was granted Master Fitness Status and became the youngest Master Fitness Icon in the world.

Theatrical we all know her face, from your favorite Hit Television Shows, Nighttime Dramas and Soap Operas. Many know her from the music video world, from Guns and Roses to Boz Scagg’s “Heart of Mine’ where she acrobatically portrays his heart. Today she is Starring in and, the Executive Producer of the New Sit Com, Temporary Insanity, The Series Mental Prison with Michel Pascal, Michael Beckwith, and Deepak Chopra, The Film, The Offering with Gabriella Wright and Keeping Score the Sports Series.

Busy working and on book tours she always finds time for her humanitarian work, her family and those she loves, Artistry in Motion, it is.


  • Jose Angel Manaiza Jr

    Tutor To The Stars

    Malibu Education

    MATHEMATICIAN JOSE ANGEL MANAIZA, JR. Former Child Star in La Ceiba, Honduras. Jose Angel Manaiza Jr. is known as “The Tutor to The Stars” from Malibu to Beverly Hills.
    Teaching the children of Hollywood celebrities to achieve success. Mr. Manaiza has helped over 1,200 students. Including NCAA student-athletes from schools such as UCLA, USC, and Pepperdine University.
    His patented speed-reading system is endorsed by three former U.S. presidents, and he has been honored in The White House.
    In 2018, Jose was knighted by the order of the OSJ in NYC. He was the first SAT Instructor to be published  in The Huffington Post on the topic of "The New SAT Exam."   58 of his students received an overall average score of 1456 on the SAT exam, and earned admissions with full scholarships.
    He has also been given a special recognition for his work from the City of Los Angeles, and the State Of California.
    Mr. Manaiza served as The Speaker Program Director for The California's Women Conference in 2019, where past keynote speakers have included Oprah Winfrey, Norma T. Hollis, Michelle Obama, Dame Mabel Katz, Laura Bush and Arianna Huffington. He is official biographer of Garifuna Writer & Historian Santos Centeno Garcia. Mr. Manaiza is a professional speechwriter who has written over 6000 speech scripts to CEOs, world leaders, and professional speakers. His famous workshop entitled "Presidential Speechwrititng" has helped many on how to write speeches.
    Mr. Manaiza resides in Malibu, CA and enjoys his weekends sailing in Marina Del Rey. For more information, visit http://www.tinyurl.com/Malibu90265Style