Swing & Fly

Lately I wake up and I ask myself about the value of being on this Planet.

Please, do not take me wrong. I am in a deep and constant state of Bliss inside and I am profoundly Grateful of being on Earth. Truly with all my Heart.

However, i still have questions about Love, Enthusiasm, Motivation, Energy, Willingness to Be Together, Travel, Share, Smile, Just Be Happy, Jump and Focus. All these words mentioned above mean Life to me. Live to Share Happiness. Live to Give to Others. Live to treat everyone with Respect. Dedicate yourself to your Passions and Smile inside and outside.

I think that Life is to be observed, and felt. I always see myself as a human being that wakes up everyday, curious to know more about myself and what surrounds me. What I like and what i do not, savoring each moment with a smile and a “oh wow, I did not know this! moment”- about the world, about current events, about myself, about other people.

Superman loving & saving the World – with a Smile and a Book

I am always wowed by the kindness of people. By the way they talk to you, they treat you, they open the door for you, they speak to you, they smile at you. By the way they write you. It opens my Heart each time.

Bon appétit, Mazotoa! Miaraka, Ensemble!

And each time I try to reflect deeply and do the same. To give back that profound kindness and amabilidad.

Living Life everyday and just forget about tomorrow. Tomorrow comes anyway, and hopefully God (or a higher force, or an energetic smiley genie) gives us the strength to face another day, and to meet wondrous people, or to look at marvelous things, and be mesmerized. Each and every time.

I am deeply grateful to Arianna Huffington, who showed us that a good sleep, lovely women around us, a good sense and daily dose of humor, and tons of wonder in our world (i suggest to read the latest book by Elizabeth Gilbert, City of Girls, and your imagination will sparkle of Joy and Fun, but also many good emotions and feelings of giving) will fill our Souls.

If i had a new year resolution (which, for the first time in the history of my Gaia life, i do not have- sorry, I came unprepared, and it is OK), i wish that i can wake up everyday, Yes, with these two burning question & statement in my heart:

Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others? – Martin Luther King

and in between a song…

Live to tell (Madonna)

and the answer can be, each and every day: Do what you can, with what you have, where you are -Theodore Roosevelt

always keeping the spontaneity and the genuinity in my heart. And a lot of hard work to reach all the people in the world, wishing for a World Hug, at the end of each day.

Volana & Gaia, & the High Level Dreams 🙂