Imagine a world, your world, where you get a head start on your goals. A path that will help you gain momentum before momentum begins all while living your life now.  Sounds like something that couldn’t exist except for in the future. A fairy tale ending that is hoped for.

I am here to tell you that it does exist…now. The concept is called future pacing and it is revolutionary for helping people see and create their new realities before they appear. Depending on who you talk to about this concept, there are of course many different angles. However, in this article we will be focusing on three essentials pieces: gaining momentum, developing your faith muscle, and building your life and business.

Let’s Get Going!

Taking advantage of the golden opportunities before they really come to fruition can feel scary (we will talk about that next) yet once you begin taking steps towards opportunities, you won’t look back. This starts with giving your mind some direction to go.

Physical activities such as creating a vison board with what your future looks like is a great place to start. We don’t want to create a false expectation, which can lead to procrastination or avoidance (especially for example, let’s say you’ve owned a business before and now years later want to start a new one. If the business failed, you may become clouded for the future based upon the past).

Creating this momentum comes down to understanding that when you have a need to obtain the next level, the resources needed are there. It is the focus on resource availability that helps jumpstart this momentum.

The little things create momentum for the bigger things. Let’s take an example of the mundane to demonstrate…say brushing your teeth. You get up in the morning and brush your teeth; why? Well, you will be seeing your significant other, meeting with clients, smiling at customers, etc. throughout the day. This one event (however small) creates an awareness that when you see your significant other or met a client, your breath will be fresh. That fresh breath will make the interaction more pleasant. See how just one little thing (brushing your teeth every morning) can positively affect other things. Noticing the difference in how you walk through the day when you have fresh breath vs having not so fresh breath can bring about an increased chance to experience tangible change, which in turn gathers momentum.

Now, fully taking advantage of this does take a little faith.

Using Faith To Move

Faith can be explained as simply being fully aware of your/the truth. This is what moves people past the paralyzing fear which holds many back from realizing their dreams and achieving their goals. Knowing your truth and surrounding yourself around others who believe in you are crucial elements to forward thinking.

Not stepping into faith produces fear. Faith will move you towards action, fear towards procrastination. Funny how we know inherently that action is better than procrastination, however many of us struggle with it. Remember the simple act of brushing your teeth. Small steps build your faith. The more faith you have, the less you will allow fear to move.

Building Your Ultimate Business… and Life

It is no secret that building a business or creating your ideal life takes hard work, perseverance, and dedication. If you can see where you want to go, the end result, whatever that is, you can get there. Hard work is hard, yet the payoff is magnificent.

Here is where the proverbial rubber meets the road. Future pacing is the art of taking the necessary actions that move you towards the future you want and desire. This requires you to live “as if” you have achieved it, at least for a little bit.

In other words, look at where you want to be, say three months from now. Start thinking and feeling as if you are there. Our brains are hardwired to create the reality that we live in. Let me be clear, this does not mean to be frivolous with your life, but to be directed. Focused. Actionable.

Here are some thoughts to ignite your actions:

Ask yourself where you envision yourself to be professionally and personally?

Picture yourself achieving new milestones such as: starting your new business, adding new income streams, learning a new skill, like automation software to free your time – thus, envisioning brings you closer to that reality of achievement.

Harness future pacing: visualize your success – create a roadmap – in other words take the steps necessary to achieve what is in your heart. Follow these few suggestions and you will be creating your new future, the beginning of where you want to be and forging a path that ensures success.

Follow these few suggestions and you will be creating your new future, the beginning of where you want to be and forging a path that ensures success.