We are all here on this earth for a reason and a season. So how do we make it count? Each and every one of us holds the key to a unique and unknown reality. It is your job to find the thing that makes you happiest, yet brings the most impact. Is it the work that you do? Is it the passion project that you always working on? Is there a target population that you love to serve? Sister, Only YOU can fulfill this “purpose” in excellence.

What I have found to be true is that our purpose can absolutely not be fulfilled if we are not taking the time to care for ourselves and to meet our own needs. Avoiding self-care and taking the time to nurture our souls, our bodies and our minds is essential if we want to fulfill our purpose in the world. And the truth is, when we are working on this higher mission, we literally feel better. We have more energy because we have a destination and a goal.

Sometimes it can be difficult to identify what your purpose even is. It might not be obvious or you might have been stuffing your strengths down for so long, that you can’t even remember what’s special about your contributions.

Trust me, your purpose is present. It’s present from the day you were born, but yet to be found. Oprah said it best, “There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It’s why you were born. And how you become most truly alive.”

When we take the time to really practice self-care and nurture our mind, body and spirit with diligence, we can reconnect with that essence, that tiny part of us that sees the world in a totally unique way. Decrease the stress, get clear, and live optimally. Question is, where do we find thing enigma called purpose?

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Regarding Your Purpose

1- Is your day filled with empty obligations that only tire you out?

Feeling empty after a day of activity could be a clue that life is out of alignment.

How can you best implement activities that energize your workspace?

2- What are the things in your life that makes you feel good from within?

Gain your aspiration from inspiration. What types of things have inspired you from the past?

3- Is your life set up in a way that you can do more things that you enjoy on a daily basis?

How can you put repetitive tasks on repeat so that you can FOCUS?

4- Does it feel like you are here for a bigger reason?

Get quiet and let hope fuel you!

5- Who do you feel led to serve?

Your purpose may be tied to helping a particular population of people.

Research has shown that those who serve others report higher levels of fulfillment in their lives.

About the Author

Michelle G. Rhodes is an International Speaker, sought after Trainer, Nurse, 8 x Author and Executive Coach. Michelle is the CEO of Michelle Rhodes Media LLC, and Founder of The Color of Wellness Magazine. Known for making Wellness popular, Black Women turn to her for energetic ways to motivate and engage communities, innovative thinking, and ability to move populations toward positive change.

She has served as a Senior Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine,

Opinion Columnist at CEO World Magazine, and has been featured on Medium, Thrive Global and CEO World.

She currently serves as Editor in Chief at “The Color of Wellness” Magazine.

Michelle G. Rhodes, MHS, RN, CMCN