Living in this world can be challenging, and demanding. We all face issues everyday that we may not want to take on or even comprehend. From work, to school to families and even tragedy, it can be a hard-knocks-life. Even living with positivity can be tough. Having a positive thought on your brain every second of everyday is not humanly possibly.

What can can we do to make life better? Living with gratitude can drastically change the way you think about your everyday life. Living with gratitude doesn’t mean thanking, “Gee, everything in my life is great, thanks universe.” No, living in gratitude is simple things. While reading a book called Option B written by Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook, she stated something that stood out. She advised at the end of your day as you lie in bed, write down three things you did well that day; eventually, you will be able to write three things you did perfectly that day.

By doing so, this can drastically change your attitude about life, and most importantly, yourself. When you acknowledge the GOOD you have accomplished with your day, you start to see a change. You will notice you have a boosted self esteem, which will make it easier to live with gratitude and except and be thankful for what you have now. Sheryl Sandberg went through an unspeakable tragedy, she lost her husband at a young age of 53 leaving her and her kids alone. Explaining at first, it was hard to live with gratitude; however, after a while of practicing this, things got better day by day.

In fact, keeping a gratitude journal, you are 16% less likely to have physical symptoms of stress and worry. 8% of people report having been able to get a full night’s rest, which for some is remarkable. We’ve all been there, some nights it’s difficult just to get in 5 hours of sleep. Living with Gratitude can also boost our emotions. It can reduce the feeling of anxiety, depression, envy and let’s us experience more of the good feelings that we thrive on as people.

In addition to writing things down that you did well, I also encourage you to write down three things a day that you are truly thankful for. Whether it be your job, your family, or anything else. Don’t expect immediate changes, everything takes time. However, in a short period of practicing, you will notice a big change in your everyday life.

I know life is hard, but we can make it a little better day by day Living with Gratitude.

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