Living with intention does not always mean you are creating and manifesting externally. Living with intention first means learning how to listen to know what your life is actually calling you to do. In this episode of the Where is My Guru Show, Mallika Chopra shares her journey with intent as well as her recent decision to take a break from media and news to restore and strengthen her spirit.

Mallika Chopra is a mom, media entrepreneur, public speaker and published author. Her most recent book, Living With Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace and Joy, was published in April 2015.

Mallika is the founder of, a website and app focused on personal, social and global wellness. Her intent is to harness the power of social media to connect people from around the world to improve their own lives, their communities and the planet.

Mallika is also the founder of The Chopra Well, a premiere YouTube channel, she launched with her brother, Gotham Chopra, and father, Deepak Chopra.

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Jessica Durivage is the host of the Where is My Guru Show as well as the founder of Where is My Guru, an online destination for soul-inspired media offering wisdom, spiritual transformation and personal development to our community.

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