Debra Schneider

Debra (Debbie) Schneider spent over 25 years climbing the corporate ladder, working 60-hour weeks, like most of the population does.

She believed there had to be more out there for her – more abundance, more money, more happiness – and she was right, but she was scared, like most people are when considering a change.

However, when 5 of her loved ones unexpectedly passed away in less than 5 years, she was grief-stricken and hurting that they had left this Earth with regrets.

Debbie recalled thinking how she had two options: she could continue living her mundane lifestyle and survive, or she could “rock the rest of her life” and thrive. And at the risk of having regrets at the end of her life, she chose the latter.

With no network marketing experience, Debbie knew she had her work cut out for her.

She studied the industry, and with each article and testimony, she grew more and more excited about the freedom – both time and financial – the industry could provide, and how wonderful of a model the right company could be to help someone reach their full potential, personally.

Debbie quickly developed the excitement every entrepreneur has, and before she knew it, she was thinking, “why not me, too?”

Before diving in, thought, Debbie wanted to be sure she joined a company that aligned with her ethics and beliefs.

Knowing very well that she was going all-in with network marketing, she needed a company that would be around for the long haul, one she could call her home. Her prayers were answered in 2010.

She received a call from a friend about a company, and after analyzing all the aspects, Debbie found that the company had wonderful owners with a solid foundation.

She was off to the races, despite not having any knowledge of how to be successful in the industry.

She was confident in her desire and willingness to learn, and her ability to grow through any fear and doubts she had. It didn’t matter what was thrown her way, Debbie was not going to lose.

After building a personal accountability system that kept her consistent, Debbie was finally able to narrow down the tactics that work for her – which really meant, what worked for developing other leaders.

One of the things Debbie fell in love with when it came to network marketing is how your business is never actually about you; it is about your business partners and helping them find the success they so desire.

Debbie’s journey wasn’t a fast, nor easy one. She did hit pay ranks, and guided others to do the same, but not in record speeds.

She did, however, build a foundation of like-minded people whom love the industry which had led her (and them) to hitting 6-figure incomes in just under 2 years.

Debbie was able to get out of the corporate rat race, and she even retired her husband.

Now, Debbie and her team are making 7-figures annually. She travels around the globe with her husband to share their vision and drive to better the world by bettering the people in it.

She could not be happier now, achieving everything she worked so diligently for and fulfilling her calling, her purpose.

When we asked Debbie what the greatest piece of advice she can give someone in the industry is, she said, “Be bold! Dream big, get out of your comfort zone, and knock it out of the park!”

To learn more from Debbie, she can be reached on Facebook (Debbie Ken Schneider) or Instagram (@debbie.i.schneider).


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