Phot Source: Pixabay

Do you think of the Moon?

Do you raise your eyes and search for it?

How does she feel to you, and how does she make you feel?

When you look at her, do you feel cold running down your spine, or is she filling you with liquid gold?

If you are a woman, Selene is part of who you are. She can make or brake you, because your water movement and your menstrual circle, are centered around her. So are your moods, rising in joyfulness or immersing you in deep sorrow, in order to face and heal the past.

The Moon is a She, Selene -or Selana, the pronounciation depending on wether you were living in Athens or Sparta, in ancient times-.

Quite logically, she is the sister of Helios, the Sun, and also Eos, the goddess of Dawn, whom Homer describes as having pink fingers and pink peplum.

Selana drives her moon chariot across the heavens. Try to chase her in the night sky, and you’ll see what I mean.

In classical times, that is circa 5th c. B.C.E., Artemis, the proud virgin goddess of chase, took over the worship of Selana. Her brother, Apollo, the God of the arts but also devination (the oracle of Delphi being his official home) took the attributes of Helios.

Selene and Artemis were also associated with Hecate. This goddess rules over crossroads, entrance-ways, witchcraft, the knowledge of herbs and poisonous plants, and sorcery. Quite logical, too, since most of these take place in the night, she is linked to Selana. She is often shown holding a pair of torches, lighting the way to wisdom, or a key, the key to the ultimate knowledge of life’s secrets. In later antiquity she is depicted as three woman together. Who are they? You’ve guessed it.

Selene, Artemis and Hecate (thus Heacate’s triple form) were the female Holy Trinity of antiquity, though only Selene is the Moon itself.

In every New Moon we are encouraged to start afresh, while in the Full Moon we have completed a cycle and we are re-entering introspection until we get to the next New Moon.

There are New Moons that are about pushing ahead, and some rare ones which ask us to rather let things unfold as the wisdom that is beyond us, needs them to.

What to do to harness Selene’s energy?

  • Wear yellow around your waist. Yellow allows you to let go.
  • Wear blue to wash yourself in its cathartic light.
  • Wear the colors of dusk, pinks and purples to link yourself to the ultimate feminine power.
  • Take a moonbath, placing yourself under her rays (yes, she has rays)
  • If you are near a water source let her bless you with her beams
  • Set your intentions on a New Moon
  • Compare notes on the Full Moon

Living in tune with Nature is the ultimate living.