Figuring out what you want in life can be difficult. Simply finding the time to think about what you want in life can be even harder. What it comes down to is prioritizing your life and putting yourself first

Throughout the past year of my life, I took an introspective look at what made me happy. I kept a journal of each and every thing that made me happy at the end of every day. I didn’t focus on any of the negative things that brought me down, because ultimately, they didn’t need to be within my list of priorities. 

After six months of this journaling, it was completely obvious to me what made me happy:

  1. Travel 
  2. Social media 
  3. Helping others maximize their potential. 

With these priorities identified, the next step was to make those priorities come to fruition. Originally, I thought these priorities meant I need to plan more leisure travel, up my social media game and continue to lead others through a positive influence, helping uncover what others truly want out of life.

The answer I came to far exceeded my expectations. I won a role with a company that allows me to travel, work with social media on a daily basis and help others maximize their potential. 

At the beginning of my prioritization exercise, I didn’t realize it would completely change my life, but it has. I encourage you to find out what you really want. Take the time for you. If you do, you may find a new path you weren’t expecting and a level of happiness you hadn’t known before. Start living your best life. 

Share your list of priorities with me, if you’d like. I would love to hear them!