Sometimes all this work, seems like I am being so damn crazy. I mean coming to office, doing some journaling, reading blogs of my favourite bloggers to get my ass kicked to the next level so that I can be the next level version of me, closing eyes shyly because I want to meditate but don’t want my colleagues to know that, otherwise they might find my craziness for real. I know I do not fit in, I just know it. While sometimes I am pretty okay with the fact that I do not fit it, most of the times , it feels scary.

The path I have chosen, what if it does not work, what if all this manifestation or journaling part is for everyone else except me, what if I never make it, what if my work remains unnoticed forever. These fears try to creep in every now and then and it becomes stronger on the days I feel unworthy for my work at my job. I mean I do not know. But then what if I did know where I am heading to. What if , day by day I am getting closer of my dream, what if my future self is actually smiling right now because she thinks what an idiot I am to even doubt for a fraction of a second. I know the efforts that I am putting in, is not going to get me the results quickly but I am completely sure, I day I will be inspiring millions. And as a matter of fact, I am doing what I love, I have a job that pays my bills, I am writing this and it makes me so happy as it is my passion, I have written two best-selling books, everything I am doing is self-taught, I am posting a blog every week, my podcast is doing well, so I am not in a that bad of a situation. So in what area, am I feeling unsatisfied?

Well, after thinking a lot, I think I am unsatisfied by the amount of money I am earning. I have these big hairy scary goals of becoming a millionaire, travelling around the world, inspiring millions of souls, doing what I love full time, getting in my perfect shape, having an amazing community who not only believes in my work but is obsessed with everything I am putting out for them, having a great relationship with my soulmate and friends and family. 
Wow, now that was too much to ask for, someone might say. I was also of the same opinion before I started doing my inner work, working on myself, investing in myself, having fun,making joy a priority. But now, I just know it is how it is supposed to be. You do not have to choose. You can absolutely have it all. If so many amazing people can have it all, why can’t you?

For a moment, I just stopped typing , ’cause I am letting all the words sink in me first. I am on my way to living a life beyond my wildest dreams, so what is the fuss all about? This is the thing with us humans, we are always either living in the past or worrying about the future, instead of being completely present in the now. Take a deep breathe, we are alive, we are alive, for god sake, do you even realize, we are alive! Let’s make today worthy, let’s make today wonderful, let’s make today memorable! Let’s live in the now.

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