As the famous proverb goes, this too shall pass. We only live for a brief moment. Even when we feel being stuck in some situation, it will change. The change is inevitable, we don’t have to bother about things changing but it’s up to us if it is change for better or worse.

How do you want people to remember you? Do you live just for yourself or do you want to leave a legacy that will inspire others?

It’s super easy to get stuck in little things just like hurrying, being busy, or in petty arguments. We can lose our direction in life when we lack clarity about who we’re and what we want to express.

This often happens when we work in corporation and we begin to its tables, structures, and we think that we have figured it out by doing what others are doing. We can hide ourselves behind methods and mechanisms to such a degree that we act more like robots than human beings.

It can also happen in relationships, when we allow ourselves to react ugly to our children or spouses. Yet what it’s more rewarding to do is to broaden our perspective about ourselves and our lives. Stop feeling so important and stop taking situations and people for granted or as unchangeable.

How do you want your beloved ones to remember you? What is your legacy?

The best way to teach others is to lead by an example. I’m not saying that it’s easy but we’re here to do some work on ourselves and to evolve behind our fears and primary impulses. Everyone has had in life someone who has uplifted them.

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For me it was my grandmother, who was very creative and noble. Her language was always sophisticated and very diplomatic. She could have been complaining about politics but she did it in such a noble way that it has always blown my mind off.

She also had a gift to turn any ordinary moment into a magic. I remember when she was painting a beautiful paintings from a fairy tale book on windows before Christmas. She had a gift to make fairy tale figures to come to live. Or when she took a box from milk and created a nicely painted cupboard with a sophisticated opening for my barbies.

There was a certain mystery when she entered the room. It didn’t matter whether she was doing dishes, or entartaining her guest but there was no doubt that she was the Lady. Her manners were always delight and very charming. When she was reading for children, it was like visiting the best play in national theatre. As she played with a breathtaking facial expressions, sophisticatelly adding breaks, and making her voice mysterious when appropriate.

Her legacy will live in me forever. Thanks to her, I understood that there are no ordinary moments in life. I can change anything into a magic and infuse the room with a positive and loving vibe.

Living your legacy doesn’t need to be anything special and big. Just like my grandmother understood, it’s about your own energy — how you make others feel and what you teach them through your everyday life.

Although it’s easy to get negatively influenced by life challenges but we have a choice and opportunity to evolve above them.

5 reasons to inspire you living your own legacy

1. Living your legacy gives you strength and energy. Having a life vision greater than you will give you strength whenever you need it. The life is not just about us but also about an impact we have on others so make it a positive one. Living your legacy doesn’t deprive your from hardships and struggles but it’ll get you through them. Lowering our own self-importance helps us not to get defeated by life challenges too easily. Not everything is about us, sometimes, compassion can teach better than a thousand words. Let’s say that you come tired home from work and your son is very loud, you shout at him and make him silent. But is really the whole world spinning just about you? Be more mindful about the impact you have on people around you.

2. You feel deeply grounded. Without knowing why we’re here, we drift in the wind aimlessly. Living your legacy gives you the solid ground behind your feet. You know that you live a life in accordance with your best values and your best self. By bringing integrity into your life, you make it much easier for yourself and others. Integrity creates stability in your thoughts and feelings. You don’t get influenced by opinions of others and you’re able to say no when needed. You take full ownership of your choices and decisions thus growing into a fully mature being.

3. You’re clear about your direction. Living your legacy brings clarity into your life and you know exactly what you want to create. You don’t let others to influence you negatively because you know what is worth for you and what isn’t. Imagine how much time and energy can you save by knowing what you want to create in your life?

4. It’s easier to make choices. When you’re faced with two options, it’s simpler to decide what is in accordance with your legacy and what is just mere distraction. People and situations try to hook us so we give them our attention, energy, and time. These are one of the most valuable assets we have to play the game of life. Don’t give them away thoughtlessly. The time that has passed cannot be undone or returned. If you feel like you’re wasting your life then you may become more mindful about where you put your energy.

5. It makes you graceful and happier. There is nothing more fulfilling than living in accordance with your inner values. You tap into a deeper meaning of your life. I don’t know anyone who would live their legacy and life purpose and at the same time was feeling unfulfilled. These two conditions don’t exist in the same universe.


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