If you’ve ever asked someone who they are at their core, you would probably hear what they do for a living. There’s nothing wrong with saying what you do for a living. The bigger question is, does what one does for a living speak to who that person is at their core?   

A few days ago, I was in a meeting with some colleagues, and the question that was asked of us is if we were successful consultants. I’ve consulted over the years because my background and experience are in human resources, organizational development, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Notice that the pattern here is about people. So, when the question was posed to the team, it gave me pause to consider if what I do is who I am at my core. Every day, am I being authentic in the work that I do, and does the work that I do speak to what I am passionate about in life? I’ve always had a passion for helping people whether they are struggling financially, have problems in their family, have issues with relationships at home or work, you name it, I have been there to advocate.  I am an advocate for people which is why I have worked in HR and is why I consult with organizations to bring humanity to work. It is why I became a coach, and it is why I work in the space of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Advocacy is my calling in life; it is my vocation.  Advocacy is my brand, and I wear it with every human interaction like a label. I wear the advocacy label because I care about people and their well-being.  

As an advocate, I have helped people transition from being unhappy and unfulfilled in their lives and careers to going after their dreams and becoming the people they have always wanted to be. I have supported organizations as a coach and consultant to create work environments that are diverse, equitable, inclusive, and fair. I am living my vocation, and the label that I wear, says, advocate. How do you label yourself, and does that label speak to who you are at your core?