When it comes to the realm of a natural woman, there are many who live up to that image. Not only do they live up to it, but they ensure that their image is aligned with the pictorial aesthetics of. . .womanhood! The large and fulfilled woman, has re-claimed her place, as being part of the healthy attributes of womanhood. Not only is that image being claimed, but she has projected the visibility of larger women to be taken seriously; equally perceived as sexy, attractive, and just as beautiful as her thinner counterparts. Like the comedian, talk show host, podcast host, businesswoman, Oscar-winning actress, author, and phenomenal woman, Mo’Nique-who set the precedent for proclaiming large as, fabulousshe, too, embraces her curves.

“Who is she?” may you asks? That is nothing more than the one and fabulous. . .


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Yes, indeed! She is everywhere, and she is loved. One of the fascinating attributes of Lizzo, and her dominant presence in the music and entertainment industries, is that she has reflected the presence of large women as beauty icons. Its a normality! In her presentation, her very aura (and the inclusion of large women as dancers and models) is positioned as a feminine image to take be taken seriously. Through Lizzo, large women are respected in their contributions to the aesthetics of womanhood. Too often in current US entertainment industries, large women were vigilant, so long as they projected themselves as symbols of mockery and comedy. Lizzo (and Mo’Nique) has changed that. Her body size is not as a object of laughter. She does not use it as so. On the contrary, it is this “unusual” combination, which makes her accepted by the masses. She does not perform the role of the trusty, “fat” sidekick, whose “responsibility” it is to make their thinner women-friends. . . stand out. No, in this regard, she IS. . .center stage!

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When watching the performances of Lizzo-her allure, demeanor, and so forth- you are soon transitioned out of this mentality of merely seeing her as a “big woman.” One of the magical, and genius, attributes of Lizzo is that she shows large women as being beautiful, without saying it. Furthermore, she highlights such women as part of the natural process of womanhood. Laughing, partying, dancing, wearing fashionable clothing, having man problems, exercising, a Sister circle, and pretty much speaking about regular things that every day women go through. How Lizzo crafts her artistry is in a way, where you soon forget about her being a. . .”big woman,” and simply embrace her as a. . .woman! Her presence and performances transition into becoming natural. You no longer view her as unusual, or out of touch. If anything, her Being becomes normal; and even one of excitement and adventure. In showing big girl beauty, and women of different sizes, she is speaking a silent conversation. A needed conversation of the self. Lizzo dispels prevalent ideologies of larger women observed as a “deformity,” in mainstream US culture. She eradicates that it be seen as “odd” for larger women to be desirable and healthy. In fact, in Lizzo’s world, larger women are. . .healthy. Highlighting her in exercise mode, in the videos “Juice” and “Fitness” (as has her predecessor before her, Mo’Nique) eradicates stereotypes of larger women as unhealthy and lazy. A future analysis is to come for those iconic works.

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Delving further into the world of Lizzo, is the popularity of “non-conforming” body sizes, in US mainstream and media culture; and how they are viewed as synonymous with nature. How nature embodies femininity. Abundant, nourishing, lovely, and caring for those around her. Generous. Loving. Catering To Our Needs. Provider. Nurturer. In turn, she is open to benefiting from that love. Traditional teachings of women and their connection to the Earth. Her lyric, “If I’m shinin’ everybody gonna’ shine,” from her hit song, “Juice,” delves even further. That self-love also includes loving others. Just this very verse alone, you imagine this precious fairy, floating around with her magical, fairy dust, to beautify any person, or thing, which has been unloved, neglected, abandoned, or hurt. Thus, again, we have transformed the image of “larger women,” to being healthy, beautiful, feminine, caring, and generous, in dominant musical industries.

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One of the intriguing highlights of Lizzo, is that she wants her audience and listeners to feel what she is feeling. This special place of happiness, self-confidence, and the ability to only attract positive energy in our lives. This is the spiritual and wellness journey that Lizzo is on. Anyone who wants to join her will be heavily rewarded. This brown-skinned and bodacious woman is truly performing another essence of womanhood. Charismatic and wanting to spread holistic and loving energy; through music, dance, and an iconic stage presence. Women of different body sizes and types, see themselves in Lizzo’s paradise. Through Lizzo, what is happening is an entertainment and beauty revolution for women. No apologies. Taking ownership over our own beauty, while ignoring outsiders’ perceptions of self. If you like it, you like it. If you don’t, OH WELL!

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You can recognize a truly beautiful woman, when she is able to make other people feel beautiful, around her. Her light glitters and illuminates into the lives of those who cross paths with her. That is how you know if a woman is. . . gorgeous. And sharing her love and light, doesn’t mean that she does not preserve some for herself. It doesn’t mean that she is void of setting boundaries with her personal, energetic, and spiritual spaces. What it does state is that she is ready to teach the true meaning of self-love and self-care, by how she treats herself, and how she treats. . .others.

Lizzo’s magic is something we can all use a sip of. A special elixir that awakens our humanity, and let’s us know that it is alright to go outside, select our fruits, blend them together, and make our personal. . .Juice!

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