Everyone told us about the Law of Attraction in a layman’s language for sure; when our parents taught us to speak good and good will come to us and be good so that only good happens to us. This was their way of saying that Law of Attraction works!

Many think thoughts generate reality. In actuality, feelings, connected to thoughts, generate reality. And beliefs are thoughts and feelings “hard wired” into our energy. We may like to learn exactly how to flow our energy towards our dreams, through our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.

Having a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing. One of the central principles I have is that no one knows enough to be a pessimist about anything and that each and every one of us when we close our mind to what is possible for us or humanity; close off the genius that resides in each one of us.

Each second, every vibe that we are generating within us, we are continuously attracting something in our lives, it may be consciously or unconsciously but we definitely are attracting something. It’s important to be completely aware of our dreams and desires to be able to have what we want. Most people I meet are in a rat race not knowing their destination at the same time unhappy with their reality. Yes, life does that to each one of us. At times we are so occupied that we forget our destination. Being behind a wheel without knowing where to go would be a complete disaster. So LOA comes to our rescue.

Ab- initio, we need to believe that it works. It’s the most important thing and then start to focus our energies towards one area at a time viz our job, our family, our dream soul mate, our car, our house, our new venture, our vacation or anything else. Even if we are able to commit to one imagination for 17 seconds with full energy and concentration, it will be the beginning of something miraculous. Trust me on this. Repetitive visualization with immense faith can move avalanches. Believe it or not but feeding our subconscious mind that our dream is no more a dream but that we are living it; is the best way to manifest it. Once our subconscious mind accepts it fully, it will trigger corresponding actions.

Attracting abundance, love, joy, peace, health is among many things that one may attract and our dreams will magically appear in front of our eyes. It may also happen that we like to have certain things consciously and as the time passes we forget about those desires. But I know for a fact that when we subconsciously desire, we will witness it in our life even after we have forgotten about it. It’s some sort of learning that we may indulge into for a life time. After such a reading, not everyone would like to try it. But for those of who try this, will not regret having a ladder to personal success.

So let the creative juices flow in and may the saga of manifestation begin for all of us..!