Ever seen those happy kids, jumping around without a care in the world? Ever wondered how they are able to maintain that constant smile, which seems to stretch from the corner of both their eyes?

The best way to live in this world is to live like a child, soaking in innocence, full of happiness and in absolute absence of ego.

A child can teach an adult three things :

To be happy for no reason

To always be curious

To fight tirelessly for something

_____ Paulo Coelho

Alas, as years go by, we lose the ability to feel magic and just smile at the mere thought of life…yes,for no other reason at all. We adorn a fake smile as suited, and begin veiling our emotions from others. We begin judging, not only others, but also us, forming our own opinions about others’ opinions. We make our heart a repository of junk like hatred,envy,anger,etc.In short we grow up and lose the magical touch in life.

We are in constant pursuit of miracles to happen, that will change our lives for the better, while forgetting that life itself is a miracle. What if I say, the miracle is nowhere but within us.

Do you think we are just a combination of chemicals, getting processed as we are meant to be? No, there is something more.. more than just blood and muscles and junky emotions. In this fast paced and self centered world, everyone gets trapped within their own minds and fail to connect with their hearts. We assume the point of living is to accumulate wealth, as much as possible, get exposed to the luxuries and tower over other fellow human beings.

We have perhaps become too scientific, trapping everything we see into definitions and formulas. That is what causes us to forget the beauty of a phenomenon like sunrise or sunset and just give an explanation for it and a reasoning behind that.

It is high time, we awaken the inner child within us to explore the world with a clean , pure and unbiased view, and be able to smile just at the thought of living.

So ,

  • Take time to connect with the world with your heart. Get out of your head and away from the emotions present there.
  • Take time to look around at nature. Take a look at the phenomenon (not process) of sunset or sunrise, and acknowledge the magic that is associated with it.
  • Take time to connect with fellow human beings, rather than just technology. Human beings are a miracle. Technology isn’t.
  • Just close your eyes, and think about life. Think about the power of choices that you have at each step of your life. Use them wisely.
  • Acknowledge the fact that your life is a wonder and practice smiling at the very thought that you are alive and thriving.

The very world around you is awesome and nothing short of a miracle. To feel the true magic, give more importance to the feel of magic rather than on explaining it. That is what children tend to do. They view everything as it is and feel the joy from it.

So,awaken the inner child and explore the miracle… ……THAT’S YOU.

Originally published at medium.com