One of the most difficult things for many people is to be honest with themselves. When they’re not, it usually comes back to bite them in an uncomfortable place. At the wrong time.

As I think about my 85 years on this planet, I think about questions that I’ve asked myself over the years. I think about the answers, and how those questions and answers have affected my life. If anything, they have helped me to be more honest with myself. And helped me to have more meaningful relationships.

When you look in the mirror I hope it reflects something that ultimately helps you.

Do you ever ask the question “Who am I”?

Who do you see? What do you see?
Does the mirror lie?
Are you satisfied by what you see?

Does that image remind you of someone else?
Have you ever taken a break from looking in the mirror?
Would you like to change something about that image?
What do you say to that person?
Is this someone you would trust?
Is this someone you would want to be a friend with?

Are you honest with that person?
Has the person in the mirror changed over time?
Are you hard on that person in the mirror?
Does the image make you smile?
Do you role play while looking in the mirror?
What are you hiding from that person?
Are you forgiving of this person?

Is the person you see in the mirror, the same person others would recognize?
What one thing should you tell that image to do that would make that person happy?
Is that person in the mirror a good role model?
Would your mother be proud of that person?

Without being super critical, perhaps thinking of these questions will give you some additional insight into yourself and your relationship with other people.

Happy Thriving.

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