During my time at BeautyCon, it became clear that I needed to clear my head of any fuzz and make my visit worthwhile by focusing on a handful of great brands. As a millennial, I wanted to discover intentional brands that I believed in. Convenience and edge were also something that caught my attention.

You probably haven’t even heard of some of these brands, but they were the ones that stuck out during the Los Angeles BeautyCon event for all of the right reasons.

C’est Moi

Running on the line of “clean skincare and color cosmetics for sensitive skin”, this brand anything but boring. The packaging is beautiful, and the clean, dermatologist-tested formulas are equally impressive. Even better, the line was crafted for young users, 8-years and older.

Undefined Beauty

It’s not easy to come by a line that supports “conscious capitalism, clean skincare, CBD”, and is woman-run! While Undefined holds it’s own namesake beauty products, a major part of the brand is also the Undefined Collective, which boasts other female-founded and minority-owned incredible beauty and personal care products.


Soapbox is not an ordinary personal care brand. Not only do they create high-quality products, but their brand has made nearly 3 million donations across the globe. The brand started as a class project and has taken the personal care industry by storm ever since. 


This natural skincare brand is all about upcycling. They know it’s time to throw away the disposable wipes, and use the brand’s ultimate solution for living a more waste-free life. The exclusive composition of Croon’s microfibers make it the perfect makeup remover and face cleaner. No need for a cleanser, just use water.

Taliah Waajid Hair

A hair care brand that focuses on embracing natural texture rather than changing it is just what we need. Another woman-owned brand, Taliah Waajid Hair has actually been around for about 20-years. Never heard of them? Us either, but thankfully, BeautyCon changed that. By focusing on natural ingredients the brand is on a mission to create safer hair care products for all.

CTZN Cosmetics

CTZN immediately made a name for themselves by starting a beauty brand focused on being inclusive, genderless, vegan, and purposeful. On top of that, the products are also cruelty-free, paraben-free, talc-free, and D5-free. The entire brand was founded by three sisters that identified as third-culture kids.

Nail + Bone

Not many of us are willing to miss a mani-Monday, but does the same go for your pup? This line is focused on dog rescue, a cause many of us can truly stand behind. The entire product line supports pet rescue and adoption organizations by donating 20% of the proceed from their polish. I dare you to try to say no to a polish that does good and is thoughtfully formulated.

Mystic Mondays

Get ready to bring out all of your astrology knowledge and curiosity with Mystic Mondays, “tarot for the modern mystic”. There’s no denying that many of us have a keen curiosity when it comes to our astrology. Some of you may have even made major decisions based on it. What started out as a simple app has turned into a successful Kickstarter campaign, and lifestyle brand.

Rael Organics

Ready to get “Rael” about your period? Once a taboo topic, great brands like Rael Organics are turning it into a meaningful conversation with their line of organic and natural period products. A major part of the brand is giving back to women in need of feminine hygiene products by support various local charities.

Queen V

“Self-care for everywhere” is right! Queen V takes all of the shame out of feminine products by making it fun, empowering, and alluring. The brand is not only colorful, but their ads and marketing often use humor to approach a topic that not many dared to touch before.