Paula Tooths/ New Perspectives (USA collection 2020)

What a road, what a journey. Where will it lead and where will it send you, nobody knows for sure. For the most part, each of us wake and take each day as it comes and deal with the little issues we encounter as they happen, but nobody could have been prepared for the global shutdown that is Covid-19. 

Every single aspect of our lives has changed, there isn’t a single thing that remains the same. Nothing will ever return us to the life we knew before this, even when the virus is eventually under control, every time we are out, and somebody sneezes or coughs that little panic alarm might just go off in our head. 

The world we lived in was taken for granted on so many levels, sure for some being a social person was never an issue so staying home isn’t too difficult, but the shutdown of their daily routine will be. Sports fans who watch games on the television or listen on the radio will find that this is a very difficult moment, some people’s favorite shows have been either taken off or reduced massively. Radio shows people tuned in to are now filled with Coronavirus stories. Those suffering with mental health issues will be particularly affected by this moment, those who are self-employed will be in deep panic. With the global economy crashing and hundreds upon thousands if not millions of people’s lives now changing on daily business we really are in uncharted waters. 

During this transitional moment maybe, we can look for the positives, those people who work long hours in local grocery stores who are often looked down upon, those who collect the garbage each week, the street cleaners, the underpaid and overworked hospital cleaners. The list is endless but maybe now, right now these people who have been sneered down too for a lifetime will be respected for the work they do for their local communities. 

Maybe once the dust settles and the smoke clears on this dreadful pandemic maybe, just maybe, we as humans will start to love and respect each and every one of us no matter what jobs we do or what clothes we wear. Maybe in a new world we will be more considerate about the pollution we cause to our planet. Maybe, just maybe, we might just look at the giant multinational companies who didn’t help and demanded government bailouts all while paying themselves big bonuses and cutting the wages of the employed. 

Whatever world we enter into after this has calmed, will be one we will need to live with and change our habits if we are to prevent such things happening again. For a long time now we as humans have needed a gentle kick in the derriere and how sad it is that such a dreadful thing happened forcing us to take note of ourselves. 

Let’s make a better future not least for us and future generations but for those who have sadly lost their lives to this cruel virus and if we are brave and help each other maybe, just maybe, this sad moment will not have been in vain.