A couple of weeks ago we went up to Lake Nagambie a small country town in Victoria with a big lake in the middle for a break. It was lovely and lovely to be out in the country different air and a much more relaxed life style but it was so dry.

There are different stages of dry. Our garden is dry the driest I have seen it since we have been here and that is eight years. The land around Sunbury is dry with some patches of green in the paddocks. But up there it is dry, bone dry and I kept thinking how do farmers cope with this when it doesn’t rain?

dry parts of Australia

Coming back home we got to about Kilmore and you could see the change just tinges of green but nowhere near as dry. It really made me thing about how reliant we are on water so what are we doing in our own space to be more efficient with it and more aware?

Years ago someone said that water will be worth more that gold, I believe them especially here in Australia.

Our Mental Health

You’re probably wondering where I am going with this but I have been thinking about resilience, and how resilient we can be when under stress our duress but at what point does that resilience break and where to then?

 When someone you know is ready to commit suicide things have become too much. Too much pain emotionally and physically too hard to go on fighting government departments to get what you need, too much effort to just live.

There have been many times in my life when I have been physically, emotionally and mentally burnt out and have been close to wanting to go home because life has been too hard. But there has always been something that has stopped me.

  • A friend ringing and asking if I am okay
  • Spirit talking to me and telling me it will pass and that I am needed here
  • My kids telling me they love me

We all need someone to just be there and we all need to ask for help at sometime. And often that can be the most difficult thing to do, admit we need help.

Farmers, Doctors, Soldiers, Mothers, Fathers, Teachers, Carers, Front line workers all of us at some stage need support and help.

So please when it’s getting too much seek help because there are people around you who really care, but they can’t always read your mind.

When we are in a good space we will find that there is plenty to be thankful for.

I hope you have been enjoying your week and remember there are free Meditations on my web page www.judithtehuia.com that can help with anxiety as well as my book “The toolbox for life’s little emergencies.”

Love and light