Are you making New Year’s resolutions? Would you like some support and a fresh start in 2020? Are you resolving to treat yourself better? To take action to improve your health?

Time is an odd construct. Humans evolved to discount the value of the future compared to right now. Research is now showing that helping our present moment self become aware of and connected with our future self can support us in making healthier decisions.

You prepare to ring in the New Year in 2029. What is your life like in 2029? Your health? Body? Mind? Relationships? The work you did ten years ago in 2019 and 2020 has healed childhood trauma and reconnected you with your own heart and goodness. As you look back on 2019 and 2020, you are filled with gratitude. It took courage and grace and resilience and you did it. You appreciate and love your younger self so much. 

What do you understand at the end of the next decade that you don’t know now? What decisions and actions are you taking in this next few weeks, months, year and decade to bring you to New Years 2029 with a heart overflowing with love and gratitude? 

Visualize your face in December 2029. You are ten years older. Your face glows with compassion and wisdom. What might your 2029 self say to you today? Look into your older eyes and listen. Let yourself feel the love and kindness in every cell of your body. 

I am grateful to you for continuing to heal trauma and releasing chronic stress and anxiety. I know you are struggling and it is hard. I admire your courage to feel. The actions you took in 2020 on your mental, emotional and physical health paid off. I am no longer plagued by a mean inner critic and catastrophic thinking. My mind is pleasant and clear. Your actions led directly to a regulated nervous system and years of joy, purpose and meaning. I love you! Thank you!

Explore with us. As always, you are welcome as my guest. Seven days of guided group practice January 2 through 8th. 8AM Eastern on Zoom.