Not every star becomes “super.” Yet, there are those, who truly shine! Standing on the outside, fans of those legendary singers, musicians, and entertainers see the glow! However, how many of them comprehend the hardships, after the show? Nevertheless, with every star, there is a time to fall. Some rise up to the occasion, while others, fall away.

The road to fame is never easy. Reaching the top is the hardest walk. Staying on stop separates the legends from those, who remain distant in memory’s past time. The stars, who are super, carry on into the future of lifetimes-even when the sparkle has faded, away!

In the world of television, and film, you have different projects and platforms, which gives an account for what has happened. And then, you have those, who simply, knew! Not every media project can eloquently craft the personal intimacies, of musical legends; especially, those portrayed as, “untouchable.” Nevertheless, those that do are meant to be remembered as a true testimony to the humanity of those we consider, Superstars!

Through, ABC’sSuperstar: Whitney Houston,” many viewers will enter into the world of one of the Pop, R&B, and Gospel worlds’ most powerful singers and entertainers. What does it take to be asuperstar?” More importantly, who were the ones, that truly knew the late, and phenomenal, Whitney Houston? It’s unfortunate that so many people became caught up in the fame and celebrity status. All along, she was the hurt, little girl, in which very few people came to know. It’s one of the holistic forms of journalism, when it is permitted to be. Furthermore, there are so many layers when it comes to truly understanding a person at a certain level. It means that we are all connected, and tied into this circle of life, together. It doesn’t matter, how. We are simply intertwined, within it. Perhaps, if we examined (and returned back to) our own humanity, we would understand that stars are not as “invincible,” as we think them to be!

“My mother and father raised us with the fear of God, but I loved Church. It was a family thing and the singing, the praise, the joyful noise we made unto God was amazing!”

Whitney Houston

Looking more into the role of media, one comes to understand that fame is not the primary focus for every legend. It sounds shocking! Nevertheless, there are those, who simply fell in love, with the music, first! It had always been the primary passion. It’s just that for certain legends, the starships yearn to take them to greater skies and Universal terrain. Such guardians of the music world do not actively seek fame. Yet, when your gift is a blessing from the Divine, you cannot stay hidden for long! Reality kicks in and the musical mentors are sent in to guide a shining star, along the way!

“She did not want to be a big star and I used to tease her and tell her that God did not give her this gift to keep to yourself.”

Darlene Love, Singer and Godmother to Whitney Houston

What more is there to understand about one of the greatest (and memorable) voices of our time? She was after all a woman, whose name was recognized around the world. Yet, she was so often poorly portrayed and misunderstood. It is a lesson for us all. After all, what is the role and responsibility of the media and its depiction of the famous? Is the media to blame for certain levels of ruthlessness, and how it portrays entertainers, singers, and musicians? Perhaps, it’s safe to say, yes! What does it say about us as a society, where we permit the media to be a toxic waste dump, in harming the lives and names of others? Perhaps, that’s the essence we can say for ABC’sSuperstar: Whitney Houston,’ the world must see a more humane representation, in the rise and truth, of a shooting star!
Provided By ABC News Media Relations