This is Teri’s #Myriseup Story!

We are always one decision away from a totally different life. For many, moving far away from home might feel like a scary experience and for others, it feels like it’s the obvious choice. This is Teri’s journey on a quest to find adventure halfway across the world with her now-husband, Guillaume.

Teri left New Zealand two years ago with Guillaume in search of new life experiences in a city she’d never visited before. Montreal. Teri landed in Montreal during the cold month of April. She spent the first year working in a shoe store because it was challenging to find a professional job in a French-speaking city. If you know Teri, you will immediately get drawn to her fun and loving spirit. After a year of searching, she landed on an awesome opportunity working for an EdTech Startup called Ready Education. And that’s where Teri found her family away from home.

Just like anyone immigrating to a new city or country, it will take a while for you to find a job and establish a new life. Teri tried to look for a job in Montreal before leaving New Zealand, but she found it challenging as recruiters were not keen on interviewing people that were not based in the location where they are applying.

Through the many ups and downs during the past 2.5 years, Teri is now married and recently received a promotion to Senior Consultant at Ready Education. It didn’t come easy but in Teri’s words, it was worth it.

I asked Teri what her key takeaways from her experience were moving aboard. Here are four takeaways she shared with me:

Be clear on your expectations:

Why are you moving? Be very clear on your vision and what you are looking to accomplish from this experience. The road will get tough while you are away from friends and family, so you need to always go back to the reasons why you chose to embark on this journey.

Communicate, communicate, communicate:

If you are moving abroad with a significant other, make sure to constantly communicate your short- and long-term goals and check in on your relationship. Moving to a new country can put a strain on things, make sure to always check-in and support your partner throughout the process as one of you might find a job before the other or get accustomed to life in the new city more easily than the other. Whatever the outcome, make sure to constantly communicate your wins and challenges. 

Keep in touch with your friends and family:

Teri recommends setting up time every day or every other day in your calendar to communicate with friends and family. It’s about turning communication into a habit. Share an article with them, update them on your day or just pick up the phone and say hello. If you are active on social media, share your major life events to keep in touch with your network. One day you might decide to go back home and rekindle your connections with your community, so don’t forget about them when you are abroad.

Understand what it takes to immigrate to your destination country:

Some countries have tougher immigration and language laws than others. Be very clear on what you would need should you decide to permanently immigrate to your destination country and decide if it’s worth it for you.

Teri has met so many amazing people in Montreal that have brought perspective to her life. She is currently working on writing an academic book about epistolary forms and their presence in culture & and on-screen with Associate professor Catherine Fowler at the University of Otago.

Wherever your adventures take you, have fun and be open.