Two excellent videos are published in this post:

The first is ‘Astrology for the Soul – September 12, 2018’ which relates to the cosmos, the macrocosm.

The second, on crop circles — ‘Something Created This…’ — relates to my experiments with electromagnetism, the microcosm.

Both can be guides to the individual’s health and wellness.

Astrology for the Soul – September 12, 2018
In this Pele Report, Kaypacha delivers an informative, insightful, delightful presentation on aspects of the macrocosm revealed by his unique blend of astrology.

In the following video, the mystery of how certain crop circles were created is explored. The idea of it being done from within the plant stalks relates to my experiments of communicating and cooperating with conscious magnetic electrons (mages).

Something Created This, What Are They Trying to Tell Us?

How do crop circles relate to the microcosm? Don’t ‘believers’ point to E.T.s as their architects? Some observers have mentioned the possibility of an ‘inside job.’ One was a speaker I heard on the Big Island of Hawaii years ago, Nassim Haramein. As he was talking, coming down the aisle into the audience, I asked him about the architects of real crop circles, ‘Are these inside or outside? He paused, looked at me and replied, ‘That’s a very good question. Both.’

Recently, on the crop circle video, a viewer commented as below (and it ties in):

Hey I’m stymied at the simple ones and blown away by the complex ones. The really amazing thing is they bend these shafts of wheat on a molecular level so that the shaft is going to stay that way until its harvest. The makers therefore neither break or cut the stalk this is the most fascinating aspect of this art besides the geometry. How do they change this on the molecular level? They are taking cells that for the life of that plant ran one way only to recombine it and run 45 degrees opposite the direction it was growing. One word, Amazing. [Emphasis mine – Gary]

​Are there intelligent life forms elsewhere in the macrocosm?

Science makes serious attempts to know, such as with the SETI Institute:

The mission of the SETI Institute is to explore, understand and explain the origin and nature of life in the universe and the evolution of intelligence.

Has anyone made a serious effort to explore the same by looking within, to the microcosm?

Considering the viewer’s comment above, an ‘inner search’ for conscious particle networks, on a quest for communication and cooperation leading to a higher state of human health and wellness, seems just as reasonable as one which looks to distant stars.

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