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Enter the LookUp to Thrive Writing Challenge and become a published Thought Leader presented to you by Thrive Global on Campus and LookUp.

The documentary “The Social Dilemma” rang the alarm bells about the detrimental effects of living in our digital world. Technology’s promise to keep us connected has given rise to a host of unintended consequences that are catching up with us. The current COVID-19 pandemic is adding to the complexity of the problems with online learning and social distancing. LookUp, a fast growing nonprofit, is committed to providing opportunities for Gen Z to create solutions to these issues and more for a healthier and more humane digital world.

Are you an activist with a desire to bring about positive change? Do you have solutions for digital overload, social isolation and loneliness? Do you want to mobilize your peers to work toward a healthier and more humane digital world? Do you have ideas about using tech for good and digital activism? We want to hear from you!

When we think of activists and advocates who are changing the world, we think of writers, bloggers and speakers as important change agents. We are looking for those of you who are interested in sharing your solutions for:

  • Digital overload, social isolation and loneliness and the need for solutions to the mental health crisis among youth.
  • The negative power of the Attention Economy and the algorithmic design and the need for ethical design.
  • The power of technology for good and the need for digital activism.

We want your ideas, solutions and advocacy! Please submit your blog entry here by January 18, 2021.

In the words of Ella Katz, Thrive Global Campus Editor-at-large from U.S.C., listen to why your voice matters and how you can use your words to inspire change for a positive digital world.

One winner and two runners up of the LookUp to Thrive Writing Challenge will be awarded the following:

  • Your blog will be announced as a winner and featured on the Thrive Global platform, shared on Thrive Global and LookUp social media, and promoted by LookUp.
  • You will be invited to become members of the LookUp Leadership Lab as vital members of our global community. They will have the opportunity to work for 6 months together, from February 1 to June 30,  on advancing the social movement toward a healthier and more humane digital world. They will join the 12 winning teams from the LookUp StartUp competition.
  • You will be interviewed on the “Everyday Endorphins” podcast by Stella Stephanopoulos, Thrive Global Campus Editor-at-Large from Washington University in St. Louis.
  • You will become a featured chapter in LookUp’s upcoming book.

Again, please submit your blog entry here.

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  • LookUp empowers young adults to thrive in a digital world through agency and advocacy. Our mission is to provide opportunities for youth to discover, develop, and advance their youth-led solutions for healthy relationships with technology in order to reverse the negative effects of living in a digital age. Instead of having adults solve a problem they haven’t lived through, let’s get right to the source: by listening to Millennials and Gen Z, we can use personal experience as fuel for real change.