I have three girls, and we’ve been through a lot. I was in an unhealthy marriage I knew I needed to get out of. As head of the household, I was waking up at 4 o’clock in the morning to get to work on time and get my daughters to school. My husband and I divorced, but there were still so many obstacles. One of my daughters suddenly came down with an autoimmune disease that attacked every organ in her body. She lost so much weight, and it was so scary. About a year ago, I downloaded the Thrive App after seeing magnets and magazines about it at work. There were so many points where I had lost all hope, and Thrive helped me focus on the fact that I’m actually moving forward. It helped me realize that what I do every day matters, even if I’m only taking little steps. 

“I lost everything.”

Before COVID, I had started exercising regularly. I would go to the Y and work out, go swimming, and sit in the sauna. I’d get there early so I could exercise before work, which helped me feel my best and boost my energy. I’m eating lots of fruits and vegetables, and staying away from unhealthy snacks like chips. 

I usually don’t like to ask for help, but I contacted a credit builder to help me fix my credit score. It’s helping me think more about saving. It’s been difficult and frustrating. There was a point where I went through six cars in eight months, and was forking money over for repairs. I lost everything. Now, I’m focused on building my credit score little by little for my girls. I’m buying Walmart stocks each time I get paid, and with every 100 I purchase, I get an additional 15 for free. 

“I’m stronger and more focused.”

Thrive has been my cheerleader and my silent friend. It motivates me and boosts my spirits when I log that I exercised, ate right, or spent wisely. I’m working on getting a home for my family and getting our lives back on track. I’m spending more time with my daughters and eating dinners together as much as possible. At work, I try to be an uplifting person and motivate my co-workers all day long. If they have questions about dieting or exercising, I’m always there for them. I’m stronger and more focused than I ever thought I could be. My daughters know I’m a fighter; they see a strong mother moving forward, even after everything I’ve been through. I remind them to always push, and never give in or give up.

—Loraine Gunderson, Walmart Specialty Pharmacy #5315; Orlando, FL; $5K Winner

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