Louis Yson

Venturing into the entrepreneurial realm and rising through the ranks takes more than having a clear-cut vision. Louis Yson, the founder of Velo, proves that commitment and an all-out attitude toward translating one’s overarching vision into reality matter above anything else. A widely acclaimed powerhouse, this game-changing go-getter is set to secure a coveted spot at the summit, thanks not only to his passion, expertise, and experience but also to his dedication to transforming the healthcare industry. 

A graduate of Economics and International Finance from Queens College in New York, Louis Yson is not a new face to the commercial space. At 28 years old, he dipped his toes in the mortgage world by launching his first major company, solidifying his reputation soon after by creating a billing and practice management system for doctors. 

Today, armed with over 20 years of experience starting and scaling ventures, Louis Yson brings to the table an in-depth understanding of businesses and hunger for bridging the gaps in the field. Throughout his career, he has launched several companies across multiple sectors and made a difference in the lives of countless people through his purpose-driven initiatives. Velo, his most significant endeavor to date, is bound to propel this well-accomplished personality to greater heights and leave a considerable impact. 

Velo is the company behind Velo Health, a ride-sharing app that gets patients to and from their medical appointments without the hassle usually involved in commuting. Its platform integrates with Medicaid and Medicare so that riders don’t have to worry about the added expense of transportation on top of medical appointments and checkups. Many patients who go for regular dialysis treatments, chemotherapy, follow-up checkups, and other medical consultations and treatments have significantly benefited from the service provided by this platform. 

The establishment of Velo Health was greatly influenced by Louis Yson’s familiarity with the challenges that come hand in hand with trying to make it to an appointment. “While developing my companies, my mother was put on dialysis and relied on private car companies to transport her back and forth whenever my sister and I were away. This meant that she was paying for these rides out-of-pocket as opposed to having them covered by insurance,” he shared. “My mom came to me once and said she would never opt for ride-sharing out of fear and because she did not know her driver.”

His mother’s tale is one that’s shared by thousands of others. So Louis Yson made the bold move to introduce a ground-breaking platform that aims to potentially improve the standard of health of New Yorkers and Americans. In doing so, he demonstrated that he has what it takes to survive and thrive as an entrepreneur competing in a field known for its cut-throat and saturated nature. 

In the twenty years since Louis Yson first delved into the world of business, he has not only managed to snag numerous achievements under his belt but also gain insight into what spells the difference between success and failure—perseverance, patience, planning, vision, and focus. With these values in his arsenal, he will continue to make waves in the years to come.

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