Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

Recovering from heartbreak is never a simple task. Not only do we have to deal with the messiness of it, feelings of loneliness, but it is something that seriously deals a sharp blow to our overall mental health.

It is in fact, similar to death. Our spiritual connection to another is severed. That is in its true essence what the term heartbroken means.
We experience pain, deep, searing, sometimes to the point of not being able to find words to speak or to even pray, pain that drops you to your knees , and it feels like everything is just gone, when what you believed in, trusted in, has been broken, and there is nothing that make sense. Our psyche wants an answer and our brain tries desperately to find one.

How do we heal and reconcile the spirit within? Can we truthfully fall in love again?

I believe we can, yes.

First, be gentle with yourself. Rest, do simple things, and respect the process. Give yourself credit for putting your feet on the floor and for walking the dog, or feeding the cat or yourself. Allow yourself to grieve, but also recognize the signs of falling into depression. Don’t be afraid to speak to someone if you find yourself needing to mull over muddled thoughts and far too many sleepless nights. Find a friend, clergy, or professional that you can hash things out with, and don’t be embarrassed either.

We have a tendency to build walls after getting hurt, it’s our protection mechanism, but you know what? you learn so many things about yourself, what you want, what you will not tolerate, you learn the type of person that you need in your life, you learn to respect yourself. We learn what we want by experiencing what we don’t. Love becomes something that is redefined . Perhaps, we have more respect for it, if we do not let our experience harden us.

Healing comes when we fully surrender; when we do not try to control outcome or circumstances; when we realize that happiness does not depend on outward, but inward things.

When the right person comes a long, it wont be an effort at all, you’ll find yourself melting just a little, maybe smiling a bit more, wanting to share a part of yourself that you haven’t done before. The hurt will go away, the scars will heal, and you’ll surprise yourself with feeling something all over again.

It will somehow click, beautifully, and they will steal your heart without your even realizing it.

It wont be scary at all, and you’ll be able to love deeper because you now know what it takes to make it work.

Love after loving is real and obtainable. We just have to learn to fully love ourselves first.