The other day, I found myself getting caught up in my own human timeline of how things should be, what I wanted to see happening, and just locked into that mindset that there is only one way of accomplishing what I initially set out to do.  Temporarily forgetting the most important essence of accomplishment– faith.  We all too often have this human desire to want to feel in control, at all times, but that’s not always God’s plan for us.  Our power lies solely in the ability to keep the faith, ask for God’s favor, and embrace our dreams.  Keeping the faith in such a time as this is our empowering way to heal and thrive, on a personal, professional, and global level. 

Compassion, empathy, and even deeper love will be what shifts us into an unimaginably beautiful tomorrow.  Together we can create this divine shift by embodying these practices and concepts within every dimension of our lives!

Fall in even deeper love.

I was just looking at my husband, Glenn (aka #babylove), the other day.  Feeling so appreciative to have him as my King, standing by my side and always showing me undying support.  While our relationship has always been warm and full of love, lately we’ve been even more gentle, connected, and extra loving with each other.  I was staring at his somewhat disheveled bedhead and just thinking “wow, I think I’m falling in even deeper love with him…”  Prior to current times, as a society, we were always living by our packed calendars, jumping on planes, and having our minds filled with obligations. While we had a level of connectedness, I feel like these times have helped us to slow down and connect even more with the fine details that were easy to take for granted or overlook before.  Whether this connection is with your children, your husband, your fiance, your pets, or even just to yourself, enjoy these moments to dive deeper than before and fall in love all over again.

Stand by your clients.

For my business Queens who are feeling confused, guilty, or hopeless right now, listen up!  Now is the time to be of even bigger service.  When you believe in what you are creating and the ability it has to enhance the lives of others, that’s the passion you need to follow.  The world needs your help right now and your current clients need you to stand by them.  Do what you are feeling Divinely called to do.  If that’s to offer free or discounted programs, great.  If that’s to sell high-end packages, amazing.  At Divine Living, we are doing a mix of both, striving to touch and transform even more lives on larger platforms. Tune into your spiritual guidance on what is right for you, not to the shadowing lies of fear.  Remember, your business deserves to thrive and do its part to keep the economy going.

The power of prayer.

There is a lot of suffering right now in the world, but by being intentional with our prayers we can send healing.  Take time every day to bless those affected, sick, working on the front-lines, or grieving loss of any kind.  The energy right now can be heavy or light, let’s make the choice to spread light by praying even more intentionally for those hurting, that they find healing and peace.

By deepening our faith, we can be reassured that this too shall pass.  By being intentional with this opportunity to not be so physically active, taking the time to connect, and deepen our relationship with God, we can be of greater service.  God bless, Queens!