Give yourself permission to love every bit(ch) of you, I mean bits of you 

The crazy bit

The clumsy bit

The lazy bit

The weird bit

The stubborn bit

The angry bit

The fat bit

The ugly bit

The unlovable bit

The unworthy bit

The useless bit

The broken bit

The stupid bit

You know the bits that you hide from others.. that you are ashamed of.. that you think makes you weak and vulnerable..




Because they are your best bits.

All these bits make you stronger, kinder, more resillient, braver….

They create the BIT(CH) you are today.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


Whether you’re male or female, love yourself more, because these b*****es don’t care. They don’t care what sexual orientation you are, what religion, race or nationality!! And they are so good at making you feel bad, sad, ashamed or anxious!

Our default is to stuff them down into places in the deepest recesses of our mind and our bodies, I mean where else can they go?

The mind and the body – we are but one.

Most times we are not aware of their existence, but unconsciously, we know there’s something going on. 

They eat into your soul, and get into your skin, till you really start to believe the b****es.

You go for therapy.

You take pills. 

You do self-development courses.

You search the net for coping strategies.

You numb yourself so you don’t have to think about it.

You let the b****es lie, and you tell yourself everything is okay till you blow up?

TRUTHBOMB – The irony is that we are the ones that got so good at making ourselves feel shitty. We are the ones who are causing our own suffering.


Wherever you are, start now. 

It’s not too late to start being friends with the b****es!

It’s not too late to shift those shitty bits out of their comfort zone.


I’m so frustrated at my bits sometimes and sometimes I’m scared of how it makes me feel and how it will look like to others. I know I can’t change it… and having to practice Equanimity last week for the 40 days got me present to another experience of being calm in midst of chaos, which is to be in acceptance and surrendering and going with the flow.

Yes I’m angry with my bits, with my past, with who I am, sometimes and I’m working on loving every bits of me.

It’s like… having “complaints” about your other half or about your mum or your boss, that you wish you could change, but having done the work, you know you can’t? You have to accept them the way they are.

It’s like that here, with your bits.

We can’t change our “bits” either, but we can change how you respond to them. And change happens moment to moment. You notice your b***** hollering at ya, you HOLLA back (be friendly), you accept them, you love them and you forgive them if you don’t feel like it.

The more you love and accept them as they are, the less hold they will have on you.

There is nothing to fix or do, because you are not who you are, without them.

Just stay and be with them.

Start to really see them as what they are and what they are not. 

They don’t stay for very long anyways.


Give yourself permission to feel shitty, to have downtime, to feel tired, to be frustrated etc.

Give yourself permission to forgive yourself, forgive the shitty bits of you! ( I LOVE YOU BITCHES!)

They can’t help who they are, they have their own stories.

Yes they will come back ever so often, but just to remind you that you’re human; That you have experiences in your life that has made you resilient, strong and brave.

“Simply practice – 




TRUTHBOMB – It’s exhausting and it’s not going to easy. You’re going to be tired of them showing up all the time. 

I’m 43, so that’s 43 years of shitty bits resonating from my cells.


And I can choose to let them control me, or I can choose to take my power back by practising, moment to moment to…

Accept without Judgement

Love without needing to Fix

Forgive without any expectations

Do that often, and see what happens.

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