Continuing on our wedding destination research, Beth and I were fortunate to spend a few days in Palm Beach recently. Though it rained nearly every day, the ease and relaxed vibe of this town isn’t easily dampened. We walked hand in hand under cloudy beach skies, read, meditated and savored clean healthy food.

We were checking out The Palm Beach Marriott Singer Island Resort and Spa as a destination wedding spot.  The hotel offered endless options to keep us busy even on cloudy days. Our 2 bedroom suite sported wide swaths of bright blue ocean views and a super-sized luxury bathroom and kitchen.  The technology setup was modern and well designed and we allotted some time to do our work in the beachfront desk area of the bedroom.  I learned about the turtles of the area who lay their eggs on the beach at night- and they offered to let us know if there happened to be any turtle action while we were there! The hotel takes their theme seriously and has pillows and stuffed turtles in each suite.  One thing I loved most was that everyone remembered our names and that we were there to celebrate our year of EnGaYgment.

We were perfectly happy to huddle close in the  poolside cabana seating and
and watch the raindrops dancing on the waters’ surface. It worked out beautifully that my 18 year old daughter, Ava, was visiting her step grandparents nearby that week. She joined us at the hotel and happily slipped into her own room retreat to watch movies till dinner.

I had arranged to meet with the wedding planner as well as the delightful pastry chef, Kursten. Kursten explained that they are most often asked to do water/seashell themed cakes, as couples who choose the location tend to be beach enthusiasts. I sampled some sublime desserts (indulged my keylime pie addiction,) and also tasted a substantial number of gluten free options. We took a selection of desserts to dinner that night when we visited Ava’s delightful step-grandparents, Bruce and Rose across the bridge.

Beth and I experienced our first couples massage and while the masseuses did their work, we indulged in wedding fantasy conversation peppered with occasional moments of silent blissful relaxation. The intoxicating scent of lavender oil enhanced our rest on hot stone lounge chairs.

That night, oysters and the warm signature pretzel bread welcomed us to dinner at 3800 Ocean.

Our entree was a Seafood Ciopinno – fragrant and rich with spices and topped with charred lemon aioli. Oh so delicious!

The second pool with waterslide was quiet so when the sun broke through we hightailed it over there and took turns- Ava and Beth laughed at my technique as I hit the water with my mouth wide open.

Palm Beach was a short flight, but a world away.   We learned one of the most significant life lessons on this trip. Rain or shine, love is always the port in a storm.