How loving action turns into real love

Love is like meditation — we have to commit to it again and again, we have to come back. It’s a practice, and one of the main ingredients for a happy life. This includes self-love too, by the way.

In fact, its starts with self-love. What is our inner dialogue? Are we seeing and appreciating our own strengths, or only noticing where we think we fall short?

Take those same questions and apply them to the people in our lives -significant others, children, parents, and friends. Do we ACTIVELY love them by telling them regularly what we appreciate about them? Hugging them? Telling them that we are happy to see them? This is the practice of nurturing our love. Conscious acts of love, as often as possible. When we ACT with love, often times the feeling of love follows.

When we nurture something, it grows. But it’s work, much like a beautiful garden, or excelling at a sport. That said, even small shifts can make big differences. Try hugging someone close to you every morning as a practice — I promise it will change the flavor of your day (and their day too).

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