I’m 50 years old. I’ve been married to the same man for 25 years. We’ve been through a lot. Life still gets too big sometimes. There have been times I “fell out of love” with him, and him with me. We’ve separated twice, nearly divorced twice.

Through it all, I learned love is an action word, not a feeling. Love is taking care of someone even when they can’t or won’t give anything back. It’s taking the painful phone call, listening during the excruciating conversations, then walking away empty.

Love is giving everything up to God, then finding the I AM within. Rediscovering my love for my husband meant learning to love myself. I couldn’t experience love while hating who I’d become.

Love heals us. Love creates what is seemingly impossible. Sometimes we can’t fix our relationships, our kids, our businesses, our outward life. What we can do master is our internal environment. We can love ourselves when we think no one else does. We must or we perish.

My husband and I found our way back and in the process, became new. The old was dead. If you are in a place today of not knowing what to do or how to fix a broken relationship, stop trying so hard. Back away and let God do His thing! Who are you to think you have more power, more knowledge than He?

God is capable of healing everything, divorce, war, famine, hate…but we have to ALLOW Him to. Just for today, let Love be your guide. Watch your words and your heart. If it isn’t kind, let it go. When you hate, ask yourself what inside you needs to go.

It isn’t the other person who causes us the most damage. It’s the reflection in the mirror. Treat yourself and those around you gently. If you aren’t sure about a decision, wait. Give God a chance to heal what you think is irreversibly broken. You might find you are the vessel most in need of healing.