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Love, in all of its glory, triumph and pain is not unconditional. We as humans have been lied to. We were brought up believing that the real deal looks and feels like a fairytale, well, it isn’t. The fact is, most of us do have certain rules of the game, that when that line is crossed or not met, well, love dulls a little or doesn’t happen at all. Real, lasting love does have conditions. We all have our priorities when it comes to relationships.

I had always believed that love was meeting each other halfway, it was accepting the other person, knowing their weaknesses and strengths, but still willing to be their cheerleader and bring out the best that they can be. It is shared dreams, visions, life goals. I don’t have a list, I’ve long since learned that no one can fill those voids in our self, except ourself. I don’t seek another to make me whole, I already am, flawed, still growing, but willing to share all that I have with someone else. I do have criteria though, but it’s not what you think.

I want to walk that path with a like-minded soul. I’ve grown up, I’ve outgrown old ideals, and shed who I was back then to become the woman that I am now. Yes, I want a little of the fantasy, laughter, a warm place next to someone, but the rose-colored glasses have long since come off, and while passion and romance are definitely part of the picture, I seek a true companion and a best buddy to kiss goodnight. I am also wanting a spiritual and intellectual connection. For me, that is one of the most important aspects. I want someone who is at least walking along the same or adjacent road, hobo bag packed and ready to go.

I’m a bit of a reminiscent spirit, but I’m also spontaneous, adventure always calls. While your dream may not be mine, I’ll be there with a smile when everyone else has long since gone home. I find that I need the same.
There, that’s my condition. Maybe there’s another name for it, loyalty. Be faithful to a cause, support each other, help build something. Together.

We were lied to. It isn’t Prince meets Princess. It’s King meets Queen. Both with our own goals, needs, wants, and desires. We are two people that have built their own kingdoms. Trust me, it took years to build mine. No fairy tale, just the reality of two building something real, and perhaps, just perhaps, living happily ever after in the end.

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