A new dawn and the timelessness of the mountains.

“How are you?”

It’s a simple question, hard to answer right now. Morale and energy are hard to summon.

As leaders, we need to protect our positivity more than ever. We need to protect our confidence. We need to protect our energy.

But how, in the face of so much uncertainty?

Fret not! Solutions are at hand.

Love is the first leadership principle.

Love is an excellent emotion. It’s generous and fulfilling. It’s selfless. It’s abundant. It boosts the immune system.

Whenever we go into survival mode, or get weighed down with worry, love is a good counterpoint.

Do a love rant.

Start with things around you. For example, I love the plant that continues to grow in my window. I love the sounds of birds in the morning. I love the sunshine and blue sky. I love the warmth of my slippers. I love the taste of fresh water. I love the excitement I get when I start reading a new book. I love the hot pink colour of my nail polish.

Once you’ve gotten on a roll with the small things, move your focus to others.

Here is my love rant for my Amplifiers, leaders like you:

Dear Leaders,

I am so grateful for your courage. I am grateful for your persistence. I am grateful that you dared to lead so others can feel uplifted. I am grateful for your humility and openness. I am grateful for your willingness to experiment. I am grateful for your reaching out for support. I am grateful for when you acknowledge you don’t know what’s next, and carry on, knowing that you will find a way. I love how you want to be better. I love how you acknowledge that you don’t know everything, and want to learn more. I love how much you care about your people. I love how much you care about your mission. I love how much you want to make the world a little better. I love how you work on being a better leader, a better parent, a better spouse, a better human. I love that you can still make mistakes and laugh about them. I love how you wake up each morning, and no matter what you are feeling, you get up and try again. Thank you, for the work you do in the world. People and the planet are better off because you are in it.

?? Write a love rant to your team. It will shift your emotional state, and is a true gift to them.

Levity is a leadership strength

One of my mentors said that the more serious the topic, the more important it is to laugh. This is why comedians are so essential in helping us cope with the heavier aspects of our world.

Here are some of my go-tos to help with shifting mood:

??  I would love your suggestions too! Send them on through.


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