Most people assume that they have to wait until they are 65 to take a retirement. But it doesn’t have to be that way; we are in the 21st century for God’s sake. I have attended a few retirement parties and guess what they all had in common, retirees who have a couple of grandchildren and using walking sticks.

It is not fair working from the age of 20 all the way until 65 without taking breaks. That kind of arrangement is only beneficial to the government which enjoy taxing you and the employer who gets to enjoy your best years as you’re still young and very productive.

What is a Mini-Retirement?

Some people call them Sabbaticals, Gap Years or Time offs. This is basically taking some time off from the usual 9-5 routine. Mini retirement provides you with the chance of slowing down from that kind of arrangement to experience real life. You can take breaks and use that time off to reexamine life. To make it happen, you must create goals to help you get there.

However, there are some misconceptions associated with mini-retirements such as;

1. One has to be self-employed.

Some companies don’t allow time offs beside the standard two weeks leave and it can be pretty scary to negotiate for a six months leave. Most people I know have gone for it. Furthermore, if you are good at what you do, it can be difficult for the employer to turn you down after the break.

2. It is for the wealthy.

You don’t need to have millions in your bank account to take mini-retirements. If you have not saved enough for a six months break or one year, you can always take a month’s break and engage in affordable activities such as learning a new language, enrolling in a yoga class and much more.

3. Mini-retirements can actually reduce financial independence.

This might be true only if you choose to spend that time on the couch catching up on the latest movies. It is important to get involved in projects adding value to your life. There are so many things you can do. Some people choose to travel, others choose to study and others choose to start or boost their businesses.

Choose wisely!

If you planned for it and prepared wisely, then this should not be a problem. All you are supposed to do is spend wisely and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Advantages of Mini-Retirements

1. You have a chance to beat the routine

Doing the same thing repeatedly can be boring. Most people prefer the same 9-5 job throughout their life over trying something different because it’s in the centre of their comfort zone. Majority of the people don’t get to try a different path.

Taking breaks can help open your eyes. There are no rules as to what you can do during that period. A teacher can try something different such as acting and who knows, he/she might like it and decide to settle on being an actor. The truth is, most people who change their careers end up loving it.

2. You get to enjoy your retirement while still young

Let’s be real, by the time you are in your sixties, you will no longer be at your best physically. There are activities that only a young a person can enjoy such as dancing, mountain climbing and so on. Taking a mini-retirement at the age of 35, for example, makes it possible to engage in all these fun activities.

The mind also functions well at a younger age. Most old people forget easily, therefore, making it hard for them to learn new things.

Learn new things while you’re still young because, in future, you might not be in a position to do so.

3. It helps you to manage your finances better

People who take mini-retirements save a lot more than those who wait until they are old. This is because; those who wait are under the impression that time is on their side therefore unmotivated to save. For mini-retirements, you set a goal which motivates you to save more and it’s achieved by cutting down on any unnecessary expenses.

Bottom Line

It is important to feel good about yourself because that is the only way to enjoy life. Take time off your usual 9-5 and engage in other life-changing activities such as travelling, studying, volunteering and so much more. You might not own a company, a big house or become a CEO throughout your career due to mini-retirements but you get the freedom to enjoy your retirement while young and enjoy all the astonishing things and opportunities that life has to offer.